THANK YOU NIKLAS AND SOFI .. you added several new dimensions into my life as you left Arambol Beach .. and I really am grateful ..

Niklas and Sofi are from Sweden .. for colored photos and more about Niklas and Sofi and their children.. please go to .. .. then go down to For What It’s Worth..  94.. December 13, 2011.. they were in the apartment next to mine for about ten days .. with Nova and Algot their children ..

OK.. in New Delhi and in Calcutta.. breakfast went with my room .. so I did not do my own breakfast .. in Agra Cantt and here in Arambol Beach .. I developed the following breakfast routine ..

Special ‘K’ (yes.. Kelloggs Special ‘K’ but better here) chewed and eaten dry with no liquids ..

Digestive biscuits (those of you unkind would call them cookies.. OK.. arrowroot cookies like animal crackers only larger and round.. Marie Gold to be precise)..

Peanut butter ..

My vitamins ..

Water .. lots of water .. which gets boring .. but we will get to that ..

Breakfast really is to have food in my stomach for the vitamins ..

In reality I will begin several tablespoons of Special ‘K’ and pop in a cookie and some peanut butter .. then swallow vitamins with this mix of food .. NO.. it is not glamorous but.. it works for me.. and it IS healthy ..

When Niklas and Sofi left a week or so ago .. they gave to me the following ..

Corn Flakes..  Butter.. Orange Juice.. Mixed Fruit Juice.. one bottle of Beer ..

The bottle of beer immediately went to my neighbor Tom next door .. I first offered it to Pawan and his wife upstairs and they .. both being from Europe .. stunned me with .. “We don’t drink alcohol..” .. I let that lay still as I did not want to get into a conversation with them.. I did let them know I was surprised and I was kindda tickled to know they didn’t drink ..

Corn Flakes .. in finishing the box.. it was a nice change from Special ‘K’ but I will NOT get more.. Special ‘K’ is my way to go ..

Butter .. what to do with good butter .. ah got it.. (captain you are a rocket scientist i swear to goodness) .. BUY SOME BREAD  ..  NIKLAS had shown me where he bought his bread which they offered to me DAILY and DAILY I said no thanks.. so I went to the World Peace German Bakery and got some German rye .. to-die-for good ..

Orange Juice and Mixed Fruit Juice .. well I finished the one litre containers of each .. now to the rest of the story ..

Plain water gets boring .. so to ‘spruce’ my bottled water up I have occasionally  taken to adding four ounces of a soda to twelve ounces of water in a sixteen ounce tupperware plastic tumbler .. especially first-thing-in-the-morning.. mix my mix of soda and water and in one glug down the sixteen ounces of cold liquid ..

Having some (compliments of Niklas and Sofi) Orange Juice and Mixed Fruit Juice .. I finished those one litre cartons adding four ounces of them (Orange Juice or Mixed Fruit Juice) to my water .. instead of the soda ..

“WOW.. mixing the fruit juices tastes just wonderful”  ..  (rocket scientist) Cap concluded .. I wonder IF I should change my regimen .. let me see what each contain(s) .. I will study their labels ..

Below you will see what the label on the soda reads ..

Sweetened Carbonated Beverage ..(our kindda label Zilla.. I needed them to tell me this astounding news) ..

carbonated water.. sugar .. acidity reducers (330, 331) .. stablizers (414, 471) .. permitted class II preservatives .. added flavors (natural, nature-identical) .. artificial flavoring substances .. CONTAINS NO FRUIT ..

Our Coca-Cola Company .. Atlanta, George .. makes this soda .. and IT TASTES VERY GOOD .. it is called ..  LIMCA .. and is lemon and lime .. four ounces of LIMCA mixed with twelve ounces of water .. IS REALLY NICE ..

OK..  the Orange Juice label  reads ..

100% Juice .. No added sugar .. No added preservatives .. No added color .. No added flavor ..

And four ounces of Orange Juice mixed with twelve ounces of water IS REALLY NICE ..

What to do .. got it .. which seems more healthy .. duh .. which is less expensive .. duh .. ORANGE JUICE ..

Now bread and butter alone is just fine.. BUT .. bread and butter AND Mango-Ginger (home made) Jam takes things to an entirely new orbit .. and bread and peanut butter and jam makes for an astounding mix-day snack ..

ALL THANKS TO NIKLAS AND SOFI ..I have bread and butter and jam and orange juice in my life here ..

And there you have . . The Rest of the Story ..

much love.. cap ..