It is now winter here in Hong Kong. Today is a bit on the gray side.


Fitting for Pearl Harbor Day .. The Chinese caught Holy Hell from the Japanese in WWII. A gray day is fitting.


On December 7th.. 1941.. I was five years old. Even at five years of age.. I KNEW something really big had come to pass on that .. Day of Infamy .. as I have heard it referred to .. Pearl Harbor Day.

I love to quote .. and I love to re-quote Meister Eckhart .. German Philosopher and Theologian .. who wrote the following ..

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is Thank You it will be enough ..

In the United States Marine Corps.. they have quite a philosophy .. well they did in early 1958 when I went through Marine Corps Boot Camp ..

As a Marine.. I was taught that I was to fight.. and that I might lay down my very life .. for two (2) groups of people.

. Those who fought for ME when I was too young to fight for the country.. and

. Those who were at that time too young to fight for the country.. the children.

So to those who fought and to those who died when I was too young to fight .. I say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH ..  I SALUTE YOU ALL .. 

What a joy my life is today because of you all..

In the vein of .. ‘To hell with Political Correctness’ ..

I SALUTE PRESIDENT HARRY S. TRUMAN .. Drop it .. Drop another .. I served with men in the Marine Corps in the late 1950s who were there in the Hell that was the Pacific Islands during WWII.

Much MUCH LOVE to you HEROS .. Cap.. USMC Enlisted.. USN Commissioned Officer (Sea Bees) ..

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Are you all ready for some Football !

Purple People .. Do you read us Purple People ..


Purple People we are going to BRING IT ! Be ready Purple People ..

We are more than ready for you SEATTLE SEAHAWKS ..

Last February I went up to the SAINT here on Elgin Street up in the mid-levels of Hong Kong to watch the Super Bowl. IF you want to see more photos of the interior of the SAINT than I am going to post here you can click onto the below link.

Being a member of the HKAFL (Hong Kong American Football League) Alex Beriman the leader-of-the-pack keeps me posted on the ‘ DOINGS ‘ of the HKAFL.

“Cap we are going to watch the Seattle vs Minnesota game tonight. Do you want to join us?”

“Oh Yes Sir Mister Alex!”

So out and off went Patti and myself up to the SAINT a very trendy Sports Bar.



Are You Ready For Some Football .. It Is Now Game Time !


A tad blurry but you get the idea ..

DSCN7390Almost like we were at the game.




The lights were turned down low during the game..







We KNOW Gullible was tickled pink but .. Oh SHADDY were you happy with this game! Your Green Bay Packers are now back in first place in the NFC North Shaddy because of this loss by Minnesota.

It was a fun evening for Patti and I and for the other members of the HKAFL who sat with us.

Smiles .. Cap and Patti ..

6 thoughts on “DEC 7, 15 .. PEARL HARBOR DAY IN THE U.S. ..

    1. cap chastain

      The Vikings were BEATEN UP weren’t they .. We loved it .. 38 – 7 .. I KNEW you and the Packers would like it .. Wonderful .. Next week is another week in crunch time in the NFL .. Still Smiling .. Cap and Patti ..

  1. Jerry

    Hey Cap! know you’re a SeaHawks fan, but you’ve gotta consider a different sport to follow also. The Warriors are STILL UNDEFEATED, 23-0! Unbelievable, they are setting records with their team play. Curry is incredible.

    OK, enuf of that. I’m glad you and Patti are are safe and sound, and enjoying Hong Kong. You’ve had an incredible year, only gets better….:)

    I see you and Patti are going to India together on Dec. 31. Awesome, Patti must be excited! Pondtip goes to Thailand tomorrow (Dec. 10), and I go on December 22. I’ll spend Xmas in Bangkok and then fly to Nong Khai to meet Pondtip and enjoy my in-laws and home for a couple of months. Gonna do two side trips during my stay: (1) go to Penang Island in Malaysia with Pondtip for a week, and (2) do a solo trip (after Pondtip returns to California) to Siem Reap in Cambodia, so I can check out Angkor Wat. I know you’ve been there already, Cap. It’s quite a tourist site, the no. 1 site visited among the World Heritage sites, I believe. I may also do a day trip or overnight trip from my home to Vientiane, Laos (its only an hour away from Nong Khai), just for entertainment/ shopping value. I’ve been there before, it’s sorta nice, can see the French influence on the street(s) layout, etc., and some of the buildings. I’m really looking forward to the Angkor Wat visit.

    Take care Cap! Say hi to Patti for me…
    Love, Jerry and Pondtip

  2. cap chastain

    WOW Jer .. What a comment. YES I was in Siem Reap Cambodia in 1997 for eight nights seeing Angkor Wat up close and very personal. I really enjoyed the visit. Hope all goes well in Thailand. I am WELL AWARE of the Warriors and their record setting start to the season. It just justifies them winning the NBA Championship last year and Steph Curry being Most Valuable last year 2014-15. Smiles .. Cap .. Again thanks for your long comment ..

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