AUG 27, 11 (2/2) .. MISTER INDIA BAG .. AND DANNY 48073

One way my mental illness manifests itself is through inanimate objects. They ‘talk’ to me and they have ‘feelings’. For instance, I have two Tracfone cell phones, one is a Samsung and one is a Motorola. Each month they receive minutes from Tracfone via the satellite feed. So last month I set them out, side by side, on the back porch so they would be in good position to receive their minutes.

When I checked them to see if they’d gotten their minutes, the Samsung had its 100 minutes and the very sad little Motorola Tracfone had its lower lip out in a pout and was shedding tears. It was SO SAD. It said to me, “Dad, the Tracfone Minutes Fairy came and Samsung got her 100 minutes and the Tracfone Minutes Fairy left me NO MINUTES Dad!”

Then I realized that I had taken the Motorola Tracfone out of the monthly automatic minutes plan and little Motorola Tracfone was justifiably hurt.

Bye the bye, little Samsung was deactivated and her minutes transfered to Patti.. little Motorola is beside me here on the road.

OK.. all of my traveling objects are my Bobbseys. I am Bobba and they are all Bobbseys. Perhaps the largest and perhaps the most significant Bobbsey on the Traveling Team is Mister India Bag. Mister India Bag was ‘born’ to me in December of 1990 in Agra Cantt, India, the home of the world famous Taj Mahal. Mr. Jeevan Lal lovingly hand stitched and constructed Mister India Bag. When Jeevan Lal was finished ‘birthing’ him, Jeevan proudly proclamed, “His name is BAG!”

Mister India Bag proudly carries many of the Bobbseys. HE IS so important to the Traveling Team. He IS the King Bobbsey in fact.

Last Sunday evening, as I was frantically packing my Bobbseys to travel to Tampa, suddenly I said to Mister India Bag, “You will NOT be making the trip to India with us this time!” To pack him, I need time and care. I had no time and was literally ‘dumping’ Bobbseys into the other large suitcase.

He was stunned. He was shocked. He was unbelieving. He kind of whimpered to me, “Dad, I am India Bag.. I go to India with you Dad.. This is what I do Dad!.. This may well be your last ever trip to India Dad!”

Undaunted I quietly emptied him out and put the Bobbseys he was holding into a large rectangular suitcase. He lay sad and he lay limp and he lay positively devastated on the floor.  I called Patti and told her, she was supportive BUT surprised also.  I said that I could not let my mental illness make me miss my meeting up with my son David in Tampa.  She agreed to that.

And on Monday morning I left for Tampa, Florida, leaving Mister India Bag on the floor all alone and sad. Did I say ‘sad’.. he was destroyed.. distraught.. unbelieving he was not traveling

Well little did I know he was praying. “Dad, Oh Dad, send for me Dad!”

Today, Saturday, August 27th, here in Belmont, California, south of San Francisco, I heard him!

Things had changed. In Tampa I solidly repacked both bags. I saw that I did NOT need both large suitcases. That Mister India Bag was THE MAN FOR THE JOB.

Back in late 1990 into early 1991, while I was doing my first writings of For What It’s Worth, Danny 48073 was struggling with his Master’s Thesis.. somehow my writing style caught hold for Danny and he said, “If Cap can write.. so too can I!” and Danny got his thesis written and received his Masters Degree at Wayne State University.  We two, Danny and I, ‘bonded’ right then.

Danny continued to work for United Parcel Service (UPS) and does to this day, some 27 or so years of service to UPS.

So this morning, using little Motorola Tracfone,  I called Danny and left him a message. “Danny, IF you get this message, and IF you can do it, will you go to the house at ‘1709’ and go inside and see if you can find a dark brown canvas duffel bag with heavy black nylon side bags, he will measure about 36-inches long. IF you find him Danny will you call me?”

About an hour later I got a call from Danny, “Cap, I am at I-75 approaching I-94 and will go to your house and check for the bag. I will call you in a bit.”

Soon Danny called saying, “Cap I have found him.” I said, “Danny oh Danny, can you and will you get him out to me here in the Bay Area by this next Monday?” .. Danny said, “You got it man!” During several phone calls we two went through several mailing address options finally deciding to send Mister India Bag to my attorney’s business office in San Carlos where I will be meeting my estate attorney Monday morning.

Our last conversation was thus, “Cap, here is his tracking number and he will be there between 8:30AM and 10:30AM Monday morning! He’s going to India with you all!”

I’m feeling a tad ‘teary’ at this moment Danny. You’ve no idea how much this means to us, Mister India Bag and me.

Oh God of Abraham, what have I done to deserve this network of friends that surround and support me! THANK YOU!

MONDAY.. AUGUST 29th, 2011




At 8:30AM I met with my estate attorney in San Carlos, California, Catherine Raye-Wong (aka ‘Kitty’) and her loyal assistant of ‘forever’ years, Jackie Alioto.. I told them that I was ‘expecting’ a UPS Delivery before 10:30AM..

I was ‘on the phone’ with Danny several times.. Jackie told me that UPS usually delivers in the afternoon.. Danny said, “It is a guaranteed before 10:30AM delivery or it is free!”  I knew by UPS tracking MISTER INDIA BAG was ‘into’ Oakland, California last night..


At 10:15AM.. on time on schedule.. UPS delivered MISTER INDIA BAG.. I told his story to Jackie who promised she would join up here and check this Blog out.. I am going to take a photo .. maybe two.. for the Gallery.. so ‘be on the lookout’ for a photo of MISTER INDIA BAG..

He seemed to be quite non-plused when I opened up his box and took him out.. you must remember MISTER INDIA BAG is ONE TOUGH HOMBRE.. then he quietly said “Dad.. I kindda knew you would be sending for me.. when do we board for Hong Kong Dad?”

Then he added..”Dad.. I have to admit this was really getting to be touch and go! SO LOAD ME UP AND LET’S GET ON WITH THE GETTIN’ ON DAD!”

Again.. thank you Mister Paul Harvey for .. “The Rest of the Story”.. over and out with so much love I am fairly bursting! We get to fly to Hong Kong tomorrow!  Can you all fathom THAT.. HONG KONG.. whew ..

LOVE .. CAP ..