How do posts come into existence? I could write a book about that with a chapter for each post!!

One photo (you could almost say one botched photo) that I posted last Monday the 25th created this post. I say that I botched the photo but the photo was of Patti and was actually a good photo of her.


A friend asked me the simple question .. “What is it Patti is eating?”

To answer that simple question I will take you for a walk down the main street here in Arambol Beach.

The main street of Arambol Beach isn’t exactly beautiful but it is what it is .. Here we go loop de loop!





THE DOUBLE DUTCH RESTAURANT in Arambol Beach is one of the class places to eat. I learned about it in November of 2011 from Bert and Trudi two friends from Holland who took me there.

Do you see its sign under the tan canopy to the right below.



Up the small alleyway to the right you walk.




Sitting at our table.




We ordered the Special of the Day .. A Mediterranean (Lord what would I ever do without Dictionary.com?) Plate. It cost 250 Indian Rupees (IR) or US $ 3.84.


A black olive pate with whole green olives with a nifty mini-loaf of bread .. lightly sauteed mushrooms for Patti .. eggplant that was cooked to perfection (I even ate my fair share of it!) .. and the Mediterranean item .. a plate of absolutely delicious hummus (Middle Eastern a paste or dip made of chickpeas mashed with oil, garlic, lemon juice, and tahini.)DSCN8766[1]

I could eat this every day ..

BUT I needed that special-something-else.

“Patti did you see that cake over there in the display case?” .. “How about a piece Patti?”


Patti was taking a forkful of a massive piece of strawberry cheese cake. The below photos tell you clearly what it is Patti was eating.


How odd it is that in the below photo the cake looks much smaller than it actually is in real life and in the above two photos!


Let’s all of us walk a little bit more ..

Main Street STILL isn’t exactly beautiful but it is what it is .. Here we go loop de loop!




The gentle little MINI GENERAL STORE above and below is one of my favorite stores to shop.


We have now come to a second of my favorite Arambol Beach restaurants. I found this on-my-own back in the 14 Nov 2011 to Jan 2012 visit here. It is still good BUT one or two of my favorite dishes have changed significantly. Chefs / Cooks come and go and this is not unusual in a four year time period.


I try to sit downstairs at the first table on the right side by the street where you see a couple sitting. In the above photo you can see that they have an upstairs seating area also. IF I sit upstairs I again try to sit by the street at the table on the right.


A nice close-up of my favorite table.



Now to some food. On the top left below is a Tuna Salad. Patti really likes this dish especially because the cole slaw is excellent in her opinion. On the top right is garlic bread. The Chefs in Arambol Beach know how to DO garlic bread. On the bottom is a Tuna Burekush.


A Burekush is some type of meat (mine was tuna) placed between two thick layers of Greek Filo Dough. Oh My! Is it RICH and filling.


The same plates photographed from a different angle.



Good close-up photos. Doesn’t the Burekush look rich? But the plates are very nice.


Now to the third and the last of what we consider to be our three favorite restaurants here in Arambol Beach. I am not including the restaurant in the Vailankanni Guest House because it is not really open to the general public but it certainly is one of our favorites.DSCN8782[1]

THE FULL MOON RESTAURANT.. Is right out on the beach at Arambol Beach.



We much prefer to eat in the restaurant and NOT out on the beach.



‘Our’ table is the far table in the front row. You will see the above decorative wheel beside Patti two photos below.


Let’s take a look at our favorite dishes at THE FULL MOON.


Our absolute favorite dishes are: Fruit Salad with Curd (Yogurt) .. Tuna Lemon Pasta Salad .. Hummus with fresh vegetables (tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers) .. Garlic Bread .. Pizza .. Banana Lassi.


Patti just loves the Fruit Salad with Curd ..



I can NOT get enough of the Hummus with fresh vegetables. Several times I have had two (2) orders of this dish.


I have written several times that the Chef’s in Arambol Beach can DO Garlic Bread.


I also am very partial to the Tuna with Lemon and Pasta ..


The Pizzas are small but they ARE tasty!


THE FULL MOON has another real ‘draw’.

Sitting on the porch just watching ‘The Beach Scene’ out in front of us.

The below photo looks from the beach up at the FULL MOON.


Every night from sunset (about 6:20PM) .. until 7:30PM ..


Seven days a week without fail there is a drum circle on the beach in front of the restaurant. Notice the FULL MOON restaurant behind the drum circle in the first two photos below. See Patti in her green T-shirt on the right of the drum circle.



The drum circle REALLY ROCKS. The above two photos were snapped as the drum circle was just forming for the evening. The below two photos show it in full rhythm and ROCKING!



Some nights we eat dinner and just sit and watch a Kite Flying Show.





During the day we can just wonder at the beauty of the beach as we chill out.


THE FULL MOON .. What a place .. It IS our favorite.

In signing off let me say that we ate in many more than the above three restaurants. And in the above three we ate many more dishes than the few posted above. These are just our favorite dishes at our favorite restaurants!

Much Joy from Patti and from Cap ..

The past two days have been perhaps my worst two days ever with getting posts written and published. I could NOT get anything published yesterday the 26th of January. I worked almost all day to after 11PM basically in vain.

Having a website is quite an adventure. You are going to have bad days when you are around the world as I am and are NOT using your own computer. Power outages (five in one hour as a recent for instance) where you instantly lose a lot of material you have entered. Power outages are instantaneous and 100% unpredictable. You never know when the power will return. Today it was on and off two times from 9:15AM to 9:45AM. Then it went out a third time. I waited and I waited some more. Finally I went back to our apartent. It was 2PM before the power came back on. Then again three outages within the first hour.

Then you can have absolutely incredibly slow processing that would drive a Saint to drink. Your service provider half-a-world away cannot process your efforts to create a post due to some satellite issue perhaps. Keyboard keys stick. You press the enter key and next thing you know you have added fifty lines to your post because the enter key stuck in the down position. The same for the backspace key where it sticks in the down position and you lose many lines prior to where it stuck. 

I have a window of opportunity here and I am publishing this post without Patti yet having proof read it. Tomorrow we take the train to Chennai then a bus to Pondicherry so I will be off-line for several days.