Patti and I have arrived safely back into Hong Kong. We flew out of Delhi this morning at 2:22AM (lift off time) and touched down into Hong Kong at 9:20AM.

There is no question about it .. These trips border on total exhaustion. All day Wednesday the 17th was spent relaxing and packing and just checking out of India. As we were about to leave for the Delhi airport at 9:45pm for our 2:10am flight early Thursday morning we received a text message saying there was a security alert at the airport and suggested we be at the airport four (4) hours early. Luckily we were already leaving the YMCA so we got to the airport a good three and a half (3-1/2) hours early at 10:30pm.


Hello India Elephants!


On a zero (worst) to ten (best) scale our trip to the airport and the arrival and entry process (we were screened BEFORE we were even allowed to enter into the departure terminal) was a ten (best) even with horrific traffic. Horrific traffic on a normal Wednesday mid-week late evening? Yes sports fans! Horrific traffic.

Then it continued (ten best). The Jet Airway staff saw that Patti needed extra  time and assistance and we got it!

We were immediately ushered to the head of a long line of travelers (maybe fifty) waiting to check-in.


Wheel chair assistance was immediate. I hate to say this but one cannot count on immediate wheel chair assistance. It can and sometimes is very IFFY. This time it was letter perfect. Our assistant nearly wept when I gave him a very respectable tip he was so appreciative. I also hate to say this BUT not every traveler needing assistance is necessarily kind nor generous. So when they get treated poorly I want them to be able to think back positively on a good experience with the two of us.


We got the same treatment at immigration and security and were at our departure gate by 11:45pm. From entering the terminal to arriving at our departure gate in an hour and fifteen minutes is as-good-as-it-gets on an international departure.



We were also first-in-line to board and did so easily.

Arrival into Hong Kong was again a ten best with Patti’s wheel chair waiting for us at the top of the exit ramp from the plane. Immigration and luggage pickup were the same (ten best). Our Chinese lady wheel chair assistant also was on the point of tears when I handed her a very generous gratuity. “For me?” she asked almost stunned. An example?  I gave her one hundred Hong Kong Dollars or U.S. $ 12.90.

Our Homy Inn room was ready at 1pm with only a half hour wait (with checkout at 12pm normal check in is 2pm).



With the entire trip rated as a ten best we two were still absolutely and positively and totally exhausted by the time we got into our room!

Patti lay down around 3pm and slept the night through arising this morning at 5:30am (with my assistance). I had things-to-do (shop for food and water .. go over to Hong Kong to get our China Mobile cell phones up and active .. check with City Loft for mail .. etc) so I finally lay down about 6pm and slept the night through.


Now to ‘Zilla and  Jet Airways.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Since this is after all a program of honesty .. Patti gets absolutely 100% of the credit for the below fun event! YOUR Captain was so whacked-out he did not even notice one thing unusual.

What do you all see below?


Very good! A Jet Airways luggage tag. Simple enough no?

Turn the above Jet Airways luggage tag over and it has another side to it.

“You don’t get it?”

Let me show you two close-up photos of the reverse side of the current Jet Airways luggage tag.


At the bottom notice the word .. Stayzilla!

Patti and I visited with ‘Zilla from the Delhi air terminal and she giggled and said ..

“Tell ‘Zilla about HIS latest claim to world recognition!”

He did and look what he found ..


So there you have it! We are safe and sound and very tired from a great flight.

Smiling .. Patti and Cap ..



Oh Miss Hong Kong! We both are so very pleased to be back with you. You look so great you wonderful lady.

“Flowers for Patti Miss Hong Kong?”


6 thoughts on “FEB 18, 16 .. JET AIRWAYS AND MY FRIEND ‘ZILLA

  1. Patti

    It IS nice to be back in Hong Kong … and compared to India, it is so CLEAN. In a cab this morning I said to Cap, “Hong Kong looks like it has been power-washed!” This is indeed a remarkable city and I love it! Patti

  2. Jeanne Follett

    As much as I enjoyed my trip to India a year ago, I really liked Hong Kong and Kowloon more. So much to explore around there and so easy to access. I can readily understand why you like it there. True, India has a lot to offer visually and historically and culturally. Were I to return to any of the places I’ve visited in the world, I would have two first choices: Africa first and Europe second. Antarctica, also, but that’s an expensive venture. In the meantime, as the budget allows, Iceland might be next.

    1. cap chastain

      The draw to India is that IF you get to the wonderful places such as Goa and Pondicherry and Kodikanal and others .. and stay put for weeks or months .. the cost is extremely reasonable and the places basically very nice. BUT oh my Hong Kong is sure looking very good for now and in the future also. I lived in West German for four years so know a bit about Europe. The cost and the rigors of the ship ride to Antarctica are indeed a tad challenging I think and the visit so short. Iceland should be very do-able I would think. Patti’s niece Eryn loved Iceland. Smiles ..

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