Please be sure to read For What It’s Worth..  100.. January 7, 2012 .. below this post ..

Am I FEELING my age !

Last Wednesday I got onto the train in Pernem .. Goa .. at 1:45PM ..  arrived into New Delhi at 5:30PM last Thursday .. about 28 hours on the train .. THEN raced to the YMCA in New Delhi .. got my room .. raced to the New Delhi Rail Station and booked three train reservations ..


Yesterday.. Friday the 6th.. after getting into bed after 11PM Thursday night .. I was up at 4AM and out the door of the YMCA at 5AM .. odd but it had been raining much of the night.. I was at the New Delhi Rail Station at 5:30AM nice and early for my 6:15AM train ..

My train was an hour and fifty minutes late .. we finally left New Delhi about 8:05AM NOT 6:15AM as scheduled ..

THANK YOU OH GOD OF ABRAHAM (who else do I thank ?) for four (4) absolutely phenomenal U.S. senior citizens .. Dave and his wife from Chicago and Dick and his wife from (I think Raleigh .. North Carolina) .. I hooked up with them during the long wait ..

What this allowed me to do was this .. go to the bathroom without taking all of my luggage with me .. they watched it for me .. I could ABSOLUTELY TRUST THEM .. so I kept my seat on the arrival platform .. I had moved next to them in a spark of genius ..

They went executive class and I went coach .. so I only saw them briefly as we got down in Agra Cantt .. I hope they check out my web sites .. I SO APPRECIATE THEM ALL..

I got into Agra Cantt a little after 10AM and walked to Jeevan Lal’s shop and picked up waiting mail (IF you have NOT received my e-mail thank you .. I did not get your mail IF you sent some ) ..

I got to my hotel and checked in and BAM the day disappeared .. where did it go .. for one thing I walked to the Post Office to purchase stamps and several special post cards ..

I lay down to sleep at 5:25PM Friday late afternoon .. I awoke at about 7:45AM this Saturday Morning ..

In a short phrase .. I am toast .. extremely tired and out of gas .. BUT .. I DID get some important things finished today ..

Tomorrow .. Sunday the 8th .. I plan to do some more writing here and I plan to post some photos at .. http://bobbacaps.blogspot.com .. IF I can get going ..

I have a lot to do before I leave here next Tuesday at 8:15AM (I think)..

over and out for now with love.. cap..