A little TID-BIT for you .. intended to give you some food-for-thought about YOUR own habits .. good as they may be !

HABITS .. we all have our habits .. and some are good .. and some are not so good .. and some just are .. maybe really GOOD but not really correct ..

With regard to germs .. I am not like Howard Hughes BUT .. I do have ‘leanings his way’ ..

So here is a very good habit that .. after months  in India .. I think .. I have finally changed / broken / made better .. 

When I come ‘home’ to my room or apartment .. after being ‘out on the street’ .. my habit has been to :  Immediately .. without passing GO .. proceed  directly to my wash room and .. under running water .. WASH MY HANDS and brush under my non-existant finger nails .. I REALLY keep them short .. WITH DETTOL hygenic liquid soap .. 

“Captain .. what is wrong with that .. it sounds like a great habit to me!”

Well you need to hear .. thank you once again .. Mister Paul Harvey .. I sure do miss you ..  The Rest of the Story .. in its totality ..

Here is the Rest of the Story ..

When I would come into my room / apartment ..  Immediately I would proceed  directly to my wash room and .. WASH MY HANDS and finger nails ..  THEN .. I would  sit on my bed or in my chair and REMOVE my shoes and socks .. THEN .. having handled my FILTHY AND MY DIRTY  ‘street shoes’ with my hands .. I would ..  immediately .. proceed  directly BACK TO my wash room and .. AGAIN .. WASH MY HANDS / brush my finger nails ..  

Do you all get it ? 

And several times a day .. for months now .. I have been thinking out-loud to myself .. “This is absolutely STUPID .. I need to change the order of this process !” .. and I would  NOT change it ..

Well FINALLY I have successfully CHANGED this one habit .. this first week here in ‘Pondi’ ..

(Clement..  it MUST be the French influence here in ‘Pondi’ ! ) .. 

1. NOW I come home .. THEN ..

2. I immediately REMOVE my SHOES and my socks and put on my slippers .. THEN ..

3.  I Wash my hands etc .. one time only ..

Unless of course I am going right back out and came back to my place just  for a quick ‘pit-stop’ to freshen-up ..

Thanks to Gordy 48025 for his e-mail (FWIW.. 108.. below) about paying attention to what is going on around you !

with joy .. cap ..