MAR 31, 16 .. ALL GOOD .. ALL FUN

An absolute truth Is: 

It is difficult .. NO! .. It is 100% absolutely and 100% totally impossible to: Put up a Post .. To check e-mail .. To do anything on-line ..

When one does not have an internet connection !

Due to issues that I have absolutely no-control-over I have been off-line for just about a full day.

A good attitude Is:

I wrote a good number of post cards to you. And I was ‘out-and-about’ for most of today. I had fun. I got some important-to-me things accomplished. I rested up.

Onward .. It really is .. ALL GOOD .. ALL FUN ..

Here we go loop de loop .. Here we go loop de li ..

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

I ended my post yesterday with the below photo taken at my MobiCom office ..

Ulaanbaatar Mongolia is a large and in-my-opinion a very complex city of approximately 1.3 million people. While I was out-and-about you will never ever guess who I just-happened-to run-into ..

Taa – Daa ..

A short exclamation from the trumpets in the band here .. What are-the-odds of seeing them?

I cannot .. I am unable to express just how nice these two winsome university students are. In the background of the two photos with ‘my kids’ is ‘MY’ main post office downtown by Chinggis Khaan Square. IF you look very closely above on the extreme right margin of the photo the Blue Sky Hotel and Tower is peeking around at us.DSCN4330[1]

DSCN8386[1] “Patti I am thinking very seriously of just bringing-the-two-of-them home with me!”

Nothing but Good News ..

Thanks to Changer .. I now have yet another brand new Nikon camera so that if anything happens to my current main camera I have an immediate back-up camera.

I haven’t told you BUT .. After how-many-months of having-to-have the exact change of 500 for bus fare .. A young lady in one of my favorite pharmacies took-me-by-the-hand (almost literally) and walked me to where I could purchase a U money Card.

When I ‘flashed’ my brand new U money card to the members of the fellowship at a meeting .. They all howled-in-appreciation at me being a real Ulaanbaatar bus rider. I cannot tell you how important it is for my successfully carrying-the-message to the members that they relate to me as being one-of-them.DSCN8216[1]

Do any of you recognize ‘MY’ lady at ‘MY’ ОЛОН ОРНЫ ХООЛ restaurant? I only ‘nabbed’ her in the below photo almost by accident.

In the below photo do you all recognize my cashier / waitress / bus-person / floor sweeper & mopper-upper / you-name-it she-does-it lady?

She was waving to me as she was squeeling with joy when I again ‘nabbed’ her today as I was-out-and-about. What are-the-odds of seeing her out-and-about?

DSCN8316[1]– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This .. I mean THIS IS SOMETHING ! This borders on being LIFE AND DEATH IMPORTANT!

It has-to-do with my on-the-street persona. Over the past 25-years I have often written that I am almost NEVER taken as being a U.S. citizen. This I believe has to do with how-I-carry-myself on-the-street. I have been asked am I .. Canadian / French / German / often Australian / UK English  .. NEVER a U.S. citizen.

Please get-with-me on this. Do you see Mongolia and its Northern and its Southern neighbors below?


When Changer and I ate at ОЛОН ОРНЫ ХООЛ a week-or-so ago .. ‘MY’ cashier / waitress / bus-person / floor sweeper & mopper-upper / you-name-it she-does-it AND the two cooks were all fascinated by the fact that I have a real Mongolian friend.

Back to the above map. During their animated conversation with Changer they evidently asked Changer where in ______ I was from.

Changer turned to me and said .. “Cap. They think that you are RUSSIAN!”

Back to the above map. Do I look Chinese? I think not. So what else could I possibly be?

WHEW! .. again .. WHEW! .. So when I am now approached by the rampant street alcoholics I practice saying with a vehement emphasis to them .. “Nyet!” .. Not perfect but close-enough for a drunken street Mongolian to decide he wants nothing-to-do with the RUSSIAN yours truly!


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

I have more .. I have much more .. BUT it is time to press Publish!

Smiling from Ear-To-Ear ..

Cap ..

From the wonderful book .. ‘Type ‘A’ Behavior and Your Heart’ .. Life is an unfinishedness ..

Patti .. How did-we-do on this Post .. Much Love .. Cap ..

6 thoughts on “MAR 31, 16 .. ALL GOOD .. ALL FUN

  1. Patti

    WOW, you certainly meet some beautiful people on the streets! The sweet couple is adorable … YES, bring them home! And, seeing your cashier/waitress/bus person/floor sweeper and mopper upper/you name it she does it lady outside of the restaurant, on the street, had to be a highlight of your day. I love her shoes!!! And, for those on the street that you are not delighted to see, I can imagine that your NYET is effective. “We” did well on this post. I am so happy that you survived a WHOLE day without the internet, but am even happier that you are back in business! Love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Yes what a winsome couple. Such fun to see them again. They radiate joy and happiness don’t they. It was nice to get a batch of post cards written BUT it is a distraction to be ‘checking checking checking’ to see IF I am back on-line. This ‘Nyet’ is a brainstorm and working well. Thanks for your support. Smiles and Love .. Cap ..

  2. Jeanne Follett

    And where is the backup camera you bought in Kowloon?

    Just a thought: If the street drunks are afraid of you when you say “Nyet!” because they think you are Russian, what do regular Mongolians think of you if they think you are Russian?

    1. cap chastain

      The Kowloon back-up camera went home to the U.S. with Patti. I was pretty sure I would not need it. It sure is nice to have another back-up camera.

      Of course I will never know. I do have the impression that the basic on-the-street Mongolian is very comfortable with their Russian neighbors. As far as I can see Russia has done a lot of good things for Mongolia. For openers Russia gave to Mongolia their Cyrillic alphabet and this has indeed been a good thing. So I have absolutely no indication of negativity per se towards the Russians. I will ask around however. I too have wondered about this. I KNOW that the cook and my cashier in my restaurant had no negativity about thinking I was Russian.

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