Back .. Way Way Back ..  All The Way Back .. Was it ‘forever’ ago ..  On March the 28th I published the below Post about eating and enjoying several ‘Whoppers’ at two local Burger King restaurants.


On March the 29th Gullible ..

http://gullible-gulliblestravels.blogspot.com/ ..

Entered the below comment to my March the 28th Post.

Copy / Paste THANK YOU Chad 45039 .

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Your penance for eating Nastyburgers is to eat JUST ONCE at Millie’s Cafe and then report back to me. Customers rave about it on Trip Advisor. Famous for homemade soups, burgers, Philly cheese sandwiches, fries, and chocolate cake–and on and on. Couldn’t find an exact address but my impression is it’s near the Blue Sky bldg. Lonely Planet has a section on it, and it is reported to be a favorite of ex-pats in UB. SO, next time you want American food, skip the garbage and go to Millie’s. Please.


Marco Polo bldg ·

Ulaanbaatar , Mongolia
Marco Polo bldg
+976 11 11 330 338

mains T10,000-18,000
Opening hours
8am-8pm Mon-Sat

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I think (Did I Gullible? ) that I sent Gullible an e-mail promising that I would-indeed check-out Millie’s Espresso.

A Promise Made Is A Debt Unpaid .. And The Trail Has Its Own Stern Code .. THE CREMATION OF SAM MC GEE .. ROBERT W. SERVICE ..

OK Gullible .. Here We Go Loop De Loop ..

Step One: I went on-line. I found Trip Advisor. I joined Trip Advisor. I got a phone number for Millie’s. I saw a Google map with a balloon pointing to Millie’s showing me that Millie’s was South of Peace Avenue and South of The Blue Sky Hotel and Tower a premier land mark here in Ulaanbaatar.

The below photo was taken North of The Blue Sky and looking South. The Blue Sky absolutely rivals the Taj Mahal for wanting to be the center of attraction.
DSCN8758[1]“Dahling?  This is Mumtaz. Did you or Patti just mention me?”TAJ II 004Patti do you like the below photo of us? Should I leave it in the Post?PictureStep Two: I telephoned Millie’s. I spoke with a very pleasant gentleman who spoke excellent English. So when I set-out to find Millie’s I had a fair idea of where it is located.

I mean ‘come-on-Captain’ you (1) saw it on a map and (2) you spoke to the man at the restaurant.

It wasn’t a case of me stumbling out of my door with blinders on having no idea of where I was going. NO! The fact was that I had a clear and precise idea of where Millie’s was located and that .. Taa-Daa .. I was going to go directly there without passing ‘Go’.

An indisputable truth*:

*Once you find a place it is oh-so-easy to get back to the place that you thought you would never-ever-in-this-lifetime find?

Plain, Unvarnished, No-Frills, Truth*.. Be It Spiritual or Physical or Mystical :

*To find Millie’s Espresso the first time that you want to go there begin at Ulaanbaatar’s greatest landmark .. The Blue Sky Hotel and Tower ..
DSCN8429[1]“Yes ‘Zilla?” .. “Yes I understand that there are three buildings in the above photo. Ah-h-h it is the Blue Building on the left with the words up at the very tippy-top that say THE BLUE SKY.” .. “You are so welcome ‘Zilla! It is always .. in All Ways .. my pleasure to assist you Ol’ Buddy of 42-years and-counting.”

What a friend ‘Zilla is. He so patiently puts-up with me and my endless spoofing and kidding around with him. IF you are so fortunate to have only one friend in your life who is of the calibre of  ‘Zilla you are truly a fortunate and blessed person!

“This is Daniel at Millie’s. Yes Sir I can assist you in finding our restaurant. We are located near The Blue Sky Hotel and Tower. Great just great. So far so good Sir! Knowing where The Blue Sky is located is a great help.” DSCN8423[1]“What’s that Sir? When you get to The Blue Sky walk South along the West side of the building.
DSCN8541[1]“As you are walking South beside The Blue Sky if you look off to your right you will see one of the ancient historical buildings located in the Choijin Lama Temple Museum.”DSCN8544[1]“When you come to the street behind the South entrance of The Blue Sky you can see the Choijin Lama Temple Museum off to your right Sir.”
DSCN8460[1]“Now going West walk past the back of the museum.”DSCN8463[1]
DSCN8464[1]“And continue walking West until you get to the first street.” .. “Your landmark will be the Supermarket.”

“Turn left at the Supermarket and walk South Sir.”DSCN8465[1]
DSCN8432[1]“The street will bend to your left and you will see the Choijin Lama Temple Museum ahead of you.”

DSCN8761[1]“Continue walking South Sir.” .. “You will pass the AIRMARKET on your right.”DSCN8791[1]

DSCN8427[1]“On your immediate left will be the Choijin Lama Temple Museum.”DSCN8468[1]
DSCN8573[1]“Daniel .. Excuse me just a minute I have to interrupt you.” .. “Sure Cap no problem.”DSCN8579[1]

“What’s that ‘Zilla?” .. “What happened to The Blue Sky?” ..

” ‘Zilla you ask the best questions!” .. “Look at the two photos above Daniel. Turn to your left and looking back you see The Blue Sky and a great view of Lama Temple Museum.”
DSCN8318[1]“Back to you Daniel.”

“We are directly across the street from the Choijin Lama Temple Museum. Our restaurant will be on your right Sir.”DSCN8425[1]“IF you see the sign for the museum on your left you missed us.”DSCN8470[1]“Just turn around 180-Degrees and you will see us Sir.”
DSCN8369[1]“What to do Cap? What to do!” .. “What to say Cap! What to say!” SIGH! DSCN8355[1]“I know Daniel! I KNOW! I myself could NOT find you.” .. “And when I set out to find you I had a pretty good idea of where you are located.”

“Excuse me again just a moment Daniel.”

“What’s that Gullible?” ..

” Yes Gullible I am afraid that this is fast becoming one-of-those ‘Oh-My’ Posts of mine.”

“But after all Gullible!  In a very real sense this Post is for you!”  

“The food Cap?”  .. “That Post is coming Gullible. It may make this post look like a ‘short story’ “

“I am having to eat-my-way through Millie’s Menu Gullible!”

I began looking for Millie’s as I left the Post Office.DSCN4330[1]The big mistake !

I crossed Peace Avenue and began to walk South down Chinggis Avenue.

I ‘should have’ headed straight to The Blue Sky.

“I did NOT start from The Blue Sky Daniel.” ..

“Oh My Cap! You came the long way!”
DSCN8356[1]It’s what I do Daniel. I often find the long, wrong way!”

Walking South. Peace Avenue is at my back. Chinggis Avenue is on my right.DSCN8396[1]
DSCN8397[1]The first street South of Peace Avenue.
DSCN8398[1]IF .. Oh the Big IF .. I had walked to my left one very short block I would have come to the side street that, had I turned right, would have taken me directly to Millie’s!

Could’da .. Should’da .. Would’da .. But I didn’t! I crossed this first street and continued walking South along Chinggis Avenue.DSCN8399[1]
DSCN8400[1]I got to one of my common / familiar bus stops on my-side of Chinggis Avenue. .. See the KFC?
DSCN8383[1]When I snapped the below photo I had no idea that I was going to loop-around to my left and end-up at the UB MART you see out there in the near distance.DSCN8401[1]I have eaten several times at the KFC on the other side of Chinggis Avenue.DSCN8384[1]Yes! Over there just South of the above KFC is the bus stop where I catch the ч-7 bus to the Immigration Office. I sure know  where I am!DSCN8403[1]Hum-m-m. I am at a second street. I think that I have got to turn left. Millie’s can’t be further South than this! .. In the below photo notice the overhead scaffolding on the upper left.DSCN8381[1]Walking due East under the overhead scaffolding I pointed out above.DSCN8402[1]I have exited the overhead scaffolding area and am walking on the street itself.DSCN8379[1]I have now looped-around and am looking at the South side of the UB MART that I mentioned above.DSCN8377[1]

DSCN8376[1]I was now ‘officially lost’ as to finding Millie’s. What to do? I went into the UB MART.DSCN8628[1]WOWIE! Nice place!
DSCN8629[1]I know! Oh Yes Gullible I KNOW ! Yes I am wandering a little here BUT I feel it is beneficial for all of you to see how nice and ‘modern’ so many of the major stores here in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia are. The UB MART looks ‘just-like-at-home’ to me.

“Ladies and young ladies following along here with me! Don’t you just want to come to Ulaanbaatar right this moment and take advantage of their 50% off sale!”
DSCN8630[1]Squeel! Yes Captain we do BUT! What about that 15-hour airplane flight over to Hong Kong and then a connecting 5-hour flight up to Ulaanbaatar!” Have you been talking to Patti by chance!

I found a service desk / cashier’s station.

I called Millie’s. When I got the same nice gentleman on the phone I said ..

“Please tell this young lady how to find you.”

With no notice to her whatsoever I handed my cell phone to an ‘astonished’ young lady and asked her to talk to a gentleman on the phone.

They had a fairly long conversation. I am not 100% positive that the man knew about the UB MART or if the young lady knew about Millie’s.

Suddenly!  I could see the Ah-Ha look in her eyes .. The light came on for the young lady.

Smiling the young lady left her work station and walked me to the North side of the UB MART.
DSCN8767[1]“Sir you can see it out the window ahead of us.”
DSCN8769[1]“There it is Sir.”
DSCN8770[1]“I will take you to the back entrance Sir.” Down we walked two flights of stairs.DSCN8771[1]

DSCN8635[2]Turn to your right from the above photo and .. Voila ..

DSCN8370[1]Millie’s is in the Marco Polo Place the northern neighbor of the UB MART.DSCN8368[1]Below is a close-up photo of the entrance to Marco Polo Place.

Whew! Finding Millie’s Espresso  .. The long way!DSCN8321[1]

The time has come the Walrus said to go inside and pay a visit to Millie’s Espresso ..

Because of the length of this Post .. And because I have many MANY more photos to post I am going to publish a second Post to show you the interior of Millie’s Espresso ..


To show you many meals that I have eaten at Millie’s Espresso ..

Smiles .. Cap ..

5 thoughts on “APR 11, 16 (1/2) .. FINDING MILLIE’S ESPRESSO ..

  1. Patti

    Once again, I must give you cudos for your perseverence … this time in your quest to find Millie’s! Bless the young lady who took you in tow, led you down the back stairs, and pointed you towards Millie’s right outside the door. Looking forward to getting your actual ‘review’ of this new find. Love, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I was left with no choice but to persevere. I had to find it and eat there so I could fulfill my promise to Gullible that I would do just that, find it and eat there.

      Patti do I look ‘old and doddering’? The young lady certainly took-me-in-tow. To the rear window and pointed out Millie’s. THEN ‘walked me down the back stairs’ and to the door. I forgot if she went out the door with me. Look forward to a look at the food. Love .. Cap ..

  2. Jeanne Follett

    Oh, for the love of….. Leave it to you! Judging from this post, I guess it’s a good thing you declined my suggestion of eating at Millie’s my last weekend in UB. We might still be wandering. On the other hand, we could have taken a cab to the front door of Millie’s.

    I take it from that fact that you wrote “from the many meals I have eaten at Millie’s” that you approve. Or, that you ate only a slice of their famous chocolate cake and never went back. Only Cap and The Shadow know for now.

    1. cap chastain

      I am slowly ‘eating the menu’ and plan to put up a post APRIL 13 showing all you will ever want to see or know about Millie’s food and interior appointments or at least I am going to try to come close.

      KNOWING (I thought) precisely where it was located (from the Google Map at Trip Advisor) I was shocked when I got totally lost. To find it using a cab you would have to use a licensed official green and white cab and then it would be a tad IFFY.

      Look for the APRIL 13 Post .. Smiles .. Cap ..

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