There will never be a way that I will be able to adequately thank Deegi and Changer for all that they have done for me over my time in Mongolia dating from July the 16th 2015 right up to and including today April the 23rd 2016.
DSCN5285[1]Deegi above and below with Changer.
DSCN5310[1]I did NOT just happen to find my local Post Office.

NO!  Deegi led me .. as she does .. by-the-hand to it.

In fact it was Deegi who led me .. by-the-hand .. to the Main Downtown Post Office here in Ulaanbaatar last July of 2015.


Thank You So Much Deegi !

I still prefer to use the main Post Office for several reasons. One being that it is the Main Post Office. Another being that it has a postal drop box 100% totally committed to International Mail. This is an enormous advantage. I visualize that all mail put into this drop box goes immediately into an outgoing mail bag to the airport.

All of this rhetoric being written, my local Post Office certainly serves me very well!

It is close .. a five minute walk. I live in a large Russian designed and constructed apartment complex and it is part-and-parcel of my complex. The below map shows an overview of the complex.DSCN3820[1]Below is a close-up photo of my immediate area within the above large complex of many buildings. I am in the South end of building 8 ( 9БC / 8 ) to the right of center.  The post office is in building 7Б ( 9yC / 7Б ) to the left of center.DSCN9192[1]For me to go downtown to the Main Post Office takes at least one hour (going and returning). My local Post Office has a great selection of post cards (as of course does the main downtown office) and also many stamps. I have indeed posted mail from it as well. Not too often .. but from time-to-time it has suited my purpose. To be honest sometimes I just do-not-feel like the bus ride downtown and back especially if I am not feeling well and it is ‘rush-hour’.

Looking from a distance at my Local Post Office.
DSCN9027[1]“Yes ‘Zilla! I know you can’t see it in the above photo. Look for a red colored sign in the second (right) section of the above building under a window. Look directly above the left edge of the reddish shed above.”

“I know ‘Zilla! That is why I am now posting the below photo taken a little closer.”
DSCN9018[1]Now I am really getting down-to-business. DSCN9020[1]To the left of the above steps into the post office is an outdoor postal drop box.

“Awww Dad! Did you have to shoot a photo of me and then post it here?”  /signed/  SAD LITTLE DROP BOXDSCN9123[1]“Dad it is not my fault that I have not been lovingly taken-care-of through the years!”DSCN9124[1]I have NEVER EVER used this outside postal drop box. My postmistress emphatically stated NOT to post mail in it.
DSCN9028[1]Below is a close-up photo of the second sign located perpendicular to the building and on the right of the main sign.
DSCN9122[1]Time to go inside. First we enter into an ‘arctic entryway’ designed to be a buffer zone between cold winter temperatures and the warm and cozy interior of the post office.
DSCN9187[1]In we walk.DSCN9188[1]Looking inside (above and below) you see green postal boxesThere appears to be NO local delivery to individuals or to the apartment buildings. This makes sense. Are we spoiled? Are we in the U.S. ‘behind-the-times’? Of course in the U.S. I have used postal boxes exclusively since November of 1968 when I opened my first postal box in the village of Masena, New York state.DSCN9021[1]Looking straight ahead as you enter. One section of postal boxes is to our right and a second section directly ahead through the arched entryway. When you pass under the arched entry above you then walk to your left.DSCN9023[1]Panning to the right from the above photo.
DSCN9022[1]Looking back at the entry door into the post office from the ‘arctic entryway’. The green postal boxes you see are merely reflections of the boxes inside to the left below. Nice radiator by the door. Clean! Yes very clean!DSCN9026[1]Now we have turned to our left having passed through the first sections of postal boxes. To our left below is a door we will enter to visit the heart-and-soul of this neighborhood local post office.DSCN9025[1]Voila! More green postal boxes to the left.DSCN9075[1]Panning to the right from the above photo. Stamps and post cards are contained in the glass display case you see in each of these three photos.DSCN9074[1]
DSCN9191[1]A short story. Truth be told I waited and I planned for several weeks before I shot these three photos. Suddenly my time-window opened wide. The regular postmistress was not in and an associate was taking her place. I could tell from her uncertainty that she would not object to my snapping these photos. She did not even appear to notice. Ask and be told .. “NO don’t shoot photos.” and then to do so anyway and get caught-in-the-act invites troubles. I was afraid my main lady might have objected.

I returned on Monday the 25th with camera in hand. My regular postmistress was totally unfazed by my snapping a few more photos. She IS all business and I did NOT snap a photo of her.DSCN9076[1]A close-up of the display case showing some of the post cards available.DSCN9190[1]
DSCN9024[1]Am I done? No. I want to get more photos. I returned Monday to snap a close-up of the display case in the office. Ask about the outdoor drop box and if it is active. Monday I asked my regular postmistress and it is NOT active.  Shoot a close-up photo of my building in the area map fourth photo down from the top. This I did on Monday look at the 5th photo down from the top.  Get a few more interior photos. I snapped one of the flowers on the window sill.

Am I finished. Yes this post is finished. When would waiting ever end for me to get a perfect post together? To date I can’t think of many posts that I feel I have 100% completed.

I may actually do what I just mentioned and modify this post tomorrow. I did exactly this. But for now it is press update.

Smiles .. Always Smiles ..

I am so ill from a nasty viral ‘Springtime’ head cold that has worked its horrible way down into my chest that I can hardly stand up and yet I am going to keep on Smiling.

Count Five and Die! .. Captain ХААНБААТАР (Khaan Baatar) ..

“NOW you have got the right attitude ХААНБААТАР (Khaan Baatar)! Come on! Saddle up and ride with me and my men ..”
DSCN3614[1]“Yes ХААНБААТАР! Bring along some of your new Mongolian buddies with you!”
DSCN8795[1]“ХААНБААТАР (Khaan Baatar)! I am not sure this buddy of yours can stay up-in-the-saddle with us.”DSCN8794[1]“We don’t ride with poles to hold onto ХААНБААТАР!”DSCN8806[1]“Wowie ХААНБААТАР! 100% on this man! What a find! How did I miss him ХААНБААТАР?”DSCN8841[1]“Just a tad too young ХААНБААТАР!” .. “What is that contraption that he has ХААНБААТАР? In the 1300’s I never saw anything like that!”WP_20150414_11_57_28_Pro“Your Ally!” .. Chinggis ..DSCN3626[1]

6 thoughts on “APR 23, 16 .. MY VERY OWN ‘LOCAL’ POST OFFICE

  1. Patti

    You’ve got it … Deegi and Changer have been awesome in their consistent help to you in your many months of living in Mongolia. A BIG THANK YOU to Deegi and Changer! Nice to revisit the local post office with you, and nice that you were able to snap some photos inside.

    Great cadre of Mongolian buddies you have there!!! Chinggis must be proud of you!!! Hugs, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Happy you liked both the Post itself as well as some of my Mongolian buddies. I really was careful as to the inside shots of my local post office. The downtown main office postal staff had no problems with my photographing them and their facility. Without a photo or two of the actual working office the Post would have been meaningless. I may try for a few more. Love .. Cap

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Like Gullible quotes on her site ..

      S.I. Hayakawa .. I am going to speak my mind because I have nothing to lose!

      Smiles Shaddy ..

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