I am not going to start with the mess.

“Hi Dad! Please say hello to Patti and ‘Bubbles’ for us Dad. We hope they both are well Dad!”DSCN9976[1]

Last November 2015 Patti purchased a wonderful pillow from a street vendor selling pillows from the trunk-of-his-car. Patti fell in love with the pillow and named her ‘Bubbles’ because her pillow case is covered with bubbles.

‘Bubbles’ became a member of the family. Do you see ‘Bubbles’ busy at work under Patti’s head and neck in the below photos?
DSCN8515[1]Was this the same street vendor? I will never know. But the sight of all of his pillows in the trunk took-me-back to last November with Patti here in Ulaanbaatar.

Sorry. I am NOT able to eat at my Korean Hot Pot restaurant with out occasionally snapping a photo my beloved Bacon Potato Salad.
DSCN9199[1]My downtown post office is still being refurbished.
DSCN8566[1]In the photo below the lady in red sitting on the right is a vendor with a tourist oriented gift / souvenir shop that was within the post office proper. So she too has had to temporarily relocate out into the main lobby.DSCN8563[1]
DSCN9242[1]When you open the door and step inside there is a nice couch with a very nice glass table. I have taken-to sitting on the couch and writing post cards here at the post office.
DSCN9239[1]The lady is very sweet and while I was on the phone with Patti she agreed to snap a photo or two.
DSCN9240[1]So there you have it my Dear Patti. NOW you can visualize my nice couch and glass working table.

I also have been spending time with friends down at the Central Office writing post cards.

Now .. Taa-Daa .. To the mess.

I am not alone here with a very hostile and negative committee within my head constantly giving me negative opinions and advice. I post this mess just to let-you-know that I can .. and I DO .. survive this committee and all of its chatter.

“Why did you kick over the soda bottle?” .. “Now you will have to clean it up.”
DSCN9255[1]“I have a red towel handy just for such messes. So I just put him on top of the mess and step on him to absorb 95% of the soda.”
DSCN9256[1]“Is this the way you wanted to start your day Captain?”
DSCN9259[1]“Now you have got to wash the carpet. You can’t just leave that sticky soda to attract bugs.”
DSCN9260[1]“No real problem here. I have a nice ‘pail’ made from a 5 litre water bottle half full of water with sponges and a brush and some detergent to take care of the soda.”

“We have a question Captain? Why didn’t you put the washing water on the floor and NOT on the bed?”

“I put the water on the bed expressly so that I could get distracted and sit down on the bed on top of the water and soak my bed. That is why the water was on the bed and not on the floor.”

On the bed is a lot of bedding and pillows I do not use nightly.
DSCN9253[1]All of this spare bedding had to come off the bed and go on the floor. Then I had to somehow get air under the soaked quilt so it could dry.
DSCN9210[1]To do this I put the below 5 litre water bottles on the bed.DSCN9221[1]
DSCN9223[1]And as I show above I then threw the quilt over the top of the 5 litre water bottles. The back of the chair helped immensely.

“Patti what on earth does he do all day?”

Sign Me .. Captain ‘Klutz’

6 thoughts on “APR 29, 16 .. MORE HODGE PODGE ..

  1. Patti

    Fun to see the back of the vehicle where “Bubbles” was adopted by us! And, your sagas about spilling soda and water remind me that every so often, when things like that are happening to me, I have to ask myself, “When do things get easy?” We just have to sigh, proceed to deal with the messes, and move on. Smiles. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I knew I had to snap a photo of the pillows for you. So happy you enjoyed Bubbles’ new and younger friends. As I mentioned to Shaddy below .. I owe it to some of our more fragile friends to expose my own trials and tribulations so they KNOW they are not alone with mess making. Love .. Cap

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Don’t tell me. After all .. YOU ARE in every sense of the word a professional COOK .. Will you make some Bacon Potato Salad for Patti and I when we are back.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      THAT Dear Shaddy is the point. I owe it to you and I owe it to others who are decidedly very fragile the concept that they are NOT EVER alone. I would pray that one might someday say .. “I don’t think that I need to call suicide prevention over this. After all look at what Cap does and he keeps on with the keeping on.”

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