MAY 4, 16 .. GEEZ DAD! GIMME A BREAK .. /s/ Spring Snow in Mongolia

“GEEZ DAD! GIMME A BREAK!” .. /sign me as / spring snow in mongolia ..

“Dad! I am doing the very best that I can do Dad! Is this bad for May the 1st Dad?” .. “Just a light winter kiss on the cheek Dad.”DSCN9295[1]“What a task master you are Dad! Is this better for May the 3rd Dad?” .. “A little winter tug-on-the-ear.”
DSCN9320[1]“Dad! I am ramping-it-up Dad! I just don’t know if I can do much better for May the 4th Dad!”
DSCN9321[1]“I have gotten some ground covered Dad!”DSCN9322[1]“Hee-Hee-Hee!” .. “Dad I got her to get her knee-length winter coat and her fleece-lined boots back out of her closet!”DSCN9764[1]” ‘Zilla what on earth would I do without you?”

OK I will make this very simple my friend. In the below map we have TWO RED BALLOONS.


“Are we OK so far ‘Zilla?”

The TOP RED BALLOON  straight North of us points to Russian Siberia.

“Do I need to say anything else ‘Zilla?”

“I love it. I crave it. I can dress-for-cold. Bring it on.” .. “Windows open at night.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

In a scant two weeks on May the 19th I fly out of Ulaanbaatar back South to Hong Kong where the temperature is a cozy 86F (30C) but because of the humidity it feels-like 95F (35C).

That is not the point. The point is simply that I am already in a grieving process at seeing the end of my past 1-1/2 year little sojourn to Asia about to come to an end. I know all-to-well that I cannot just assume that I will return either to Hong Kong and India or back North to Mongolia.


I don’t want to screw-up my final two weeks here because I am silently dreading leaving Mongolia and Asia. I have tickets to the opera this Saturday the 7th of May to see Sleeping Beauty. I have tickets to the ballet on May the 15th to see Scheherezade. Yet I feel the door to this past magnificent chapter in my life beginning to slowly but inexorably close on me.

We had a six (6) hour power outage here this afternoon of May the 4th.

You have got to realize that as I am writing this it is MY Thursday May the 5th but I date it effective the publishing date of May 4th so as not to confuse ‘Zilla.

What did I do? I slept and I slept hard all afternoon. I slept hard because I had to walk down and then back up 114 stairs. Coming up I stopped at number 60 which is the 4th floor landing and rested for about 30-seconds. Then I climbed the remaining 54 steps. I could have opted to just stay in.

I went out to mail some post cards and to eat a piping red hot bowl of soup for lunch. Western women, small children and sissies would be well advised to just dip the end of a chopstick into the soup to test it first. It is hot (temperture wise) and it is hot (spicy).DSCN9228[1]I have a brand-new-to-me, tiny, itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny little restaurant that I am going to do a Post on next.DSCN8936[1]IF a restaurant, ever in this lifetime, ‘needed’ me I have found it. Does the orange building (above and below) look ‘small’? DSCN8973[1]The most pleasant young couple are struggling to make-a-go of their new business venture.
DSCN8968[1]I walk in and hey .. they warm my heart ..
DSCN8969[1]Just writing these very few words are making me feel a little ‘teary’ and sentimental about them and their sweet little hole-in-the-wall.

Well a 20 or 30 photo Post all about them is next-on-my list of Posts.

We get a little dusting of snow, the sun appears for an hour-or-two,  and here we are .. ‘break up’ time replete with flooding all over again.
DSCN9310[1]See my new tiny restaurant up the street on the left above.

IF I can keep busy and focused-on-the-now I will not have time to grieve my departure.

Here we go loop de loop Patti .. Here we go loop de li ..

Smiling ear-to-ear .. Cap .. or .. Кап .. or .. ХаанБаатар (KanBattar) ..

Lord God in Heaven Above our Captain has now discovered how to do lower case Cyrillic letters.


My Mongolian Cyrillic Alphabet adventures just continue to roll on with a life of their own.

This is a Mongolian Cyrillic word .. БУДАА .. Будаа ..

Б is a B .. У is the oo or the U sound .. Д  is the D or Duhh sound .. and A is our very own A sound.

So the Mongolian Cyrillic word БУДАА sounds out as the word BUDDAA ..

Well fine and dandy .. ‘Nifty’ as ‘Zilla likes to say .. Budda was a wise man hundreds of centuries ago who founded the Buddhist belief philosophy.

The two of them ..
DSCN8985[1]Got a real giggle when I ordered an extra bowl of white rice.DSCN9228[1]They said, they speak not one word of English but made it plain to me that ..

“You want an extra bowl of БУДАА .. (BUDDAA). 

The Mongolian word for white rice is .. Taa – Daa .. БУДАА .. (BUDDAA) ..

So from now on when I want more white rice any place I just utter ..

“More buddaa please.”

Captain Oh Captain please press Publish. These Posts .. Once I get going .. Just run away with themselves ..

2 thoughts on “MAY 4, 16 .. GEEZ DAD! GIMME A BREAK .. /s/ Spring Snow in Mongolia

  1. Patti

    Snow on May 1, May 3, and May 4th … I am glad I am in the “tropics” of Alaska where we are having day temperatures in the low 50’s and the leaves on the trees and the early flowers are springing out boldly! That bowl of piping red hot spicy soup looks like it was just the thing for a snowy day! Nice find of your new little restaurant. Smiles, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yeah BUT many days we are also having warmer temperatures during the mid-day and afternoon. Go figure. It did not help we lost the power for six some hours. Luckily I got this Post published. Love .. Cap

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