You would not believe where I have been mentally as I finally begin this Post.

The day after tomorrow I will leave Ulaanbaatar and fly South to Hong Kong. On the 24th of May I will fly to Seattle. Click on the TRAVEL button above for the latest information on my upcoming travels with Patti. When ‘Travel Day’ nears I get just a little bit revved up. Yet another in your series of understatements Captain. 

Today I made a real commitment to return here to Ulaanbaatar. I paid-in-full my rent for October with a commitment for November as well.

I look out from my apartment windows upon the below view. I am so sorry if the below photo makes you a little bit dizzy. It makes me dizzy but it shows the major portion of The View From My Apartment.
DSCN9510[1]In this Post I am going to explore the above and below area with close-up photos of some of the features you see.

I have been looking out upon this scene and thinking to myself .. “What is all of that stuff?” The blue wheel. The Teepee. The Amphitheatre. The Gazebos. The yellow thing in the distance.
DSCN9519[1]On May the 11th, less than a week ago, I looked out of my window upon the below scene.DSCN9438[1]The building you see in these photos is a school.DSCN9516[1]I am showing the below photo again so you can refresh your memories about some of the features of the scene I look out upon.

In the foreground below you see a playground. You see a small blue circle and a Teepee to the left .DSCN9519[1]Below I have ‘zoomed-in’ upon the small blue circle above. The small blue circle is a children’s carousel.
DSCN9515[1]Aren’t they having fun!
DSCN9565[1]Around-and-around they go with a constant mix of new children coming-and-going.
DSCN9642[1]Amazing. The little girls are spinning around on their carousel. Many of the little boys are off somewhere playing war games.
DSCN9644[1]A photo of the benches along the carousel side of the playground.DSCN9647[1]“Whew Dad! I needed a break!”

/  Sign Me  /  The Small Blue Circle or The Little Blue Carousel DSCN9623[1]In the background above and below are several pieces of yellow exercise apparatus.
DSCN9648[1]Below is a little bit of pure unadulterated joy as she puts her head back and squeels!DSCN9645[1]Now to the Teepee. All I can say is that the Teepee is a Teepee.

I actually thought that the Teepee was a new feature. In the below photo I can see that the Teepee has been here all winter. The Teepee is NOT new. But it IS  new-to-me if that makes one whit of sense.
DSCN9525[1]A ‘nifty’ little bridge across a chasm leading to the Teepee.
DSCN9602[1]I have absolutely no idea of what on earth is going on here with the Teepee and its bridge! But now at least I understand what it is I am looking down upon.

And then? And then I came back another day!
DSCN9652[1]Do all of you see the fountain between wings of the school. Look up above the blue children’s carousel.DSCN9519[1]A close-up from my window.
DSCN9514[1]The main entrance to the school.DSCN9620[1]

DSCN9519[1]In the above photo looking up to the left from the Teepee do you see the mini-amphitheatre?

DSCN9601[1]Upon close observation I find this mini-Amphitheatre very attractive.
DSCN9626[1]A close-up look at the characters above and below.
DSCN9627[1]The back of the mini-Amphitheatre.

DSCN9513[1]Behind the mini-Amphitheatre you see two gazebos and a green exercise apparatus.
DSCN9611[1]There is such an emphasis on exercise for the young and for the old.
DSCN9519[1]Out in the distance above do you all see the thing with a yellow roof? What is it?

DSCN9955[1]Very colorful building in the background above.
DSCN9615[1]Notice the first car on the right bottom edge of the photo.DSCN9519[1]Go up the fence to your diagonal right to the second car. To its upper left is another (it is round) play area I show below.
DSCN9646[1]I am very happy that I have gotten-to-know The View Out Of My Window much better as a result of getting out on the ground and exploring the school yard.

Mongolia! Whodda Thunk?

With Joy .. Cap ..

Sweetheart! Your day to go to school and play is coming much sooner than you think.

2 thoughts on “MAY 17, 16 .. THE VIEW FROM MY APARTMENT

  1. Patti

    Quite a view out your window and on the ground from your apartment. I never got into it in that detail when I was there, so thanks for the intimate ‘tour’. Looks like pretty happy playgrounds to me … lots of separate things … lots of children interacting with obvious joy. The amphitheater is priceless … fantastic art on the walls and the precious benches in front for the spectators to watch whatever ‘drama’ other little ones may be sharing. And, finally, ending with the little one who has yet to discover what play at school will bring into her life. What a sweet post! Smiles. Love. Hugs. Safe travels. See you soon in Seattle … Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Yes the Post came out very nicely Thank You so much. I am afraid that had I attempted to snap the photos in the United States it would not have come out so well. IF you look very closely you will see that there are indeed adults watching over the children. Not one of the adults so much as looked my way. OF COURSE some of the inquisitive children especially those on the little ‘Bridge’ just stood there studying me intently. Fun Post .. Love .. Cap ..

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