I had ONE GREAT VISIT WITH MY BUDDY GREG AND HIS WIFE TSERING during my two nights in Seattle. I got-it-right when I opted NOT to stay at Motel ‘6’ by the Seattle Airport and instead camp-out with Greg and Tsering on their wonderful living room couch. As good as any bed ever! As sick as I was it was so nice to be with friends.

Before we went to the airport yesterday the 26th Greg took Tsering to work at Microsoft and I rode with the two of them.

I met Greg on December the 27th 1990 in New Delhi India at the YMCA while the two of us were waiting for the dining hall to open. We will be friends to the end of the road.
DSCN2176[1]Greg and his wife Tsering.
DSCN2174[1]Tsering works at the World Headquarters of Microsoft.DSCN2180[1]

After Greg dropped Tsering off for work at Microsoft we two went downtown to the heart of Seattle so that I could snap a photo or two of the local Seattle sights. It was about 7:15am when we got downtown.
DSCN2183[1]Below is Pike Place in the heart of downtown Seattle Washington. Pike Place is one of Seattle’s don’t-miss attractions.

Pike Place.

DSCN2185[1]Stall No. 1 Pike Place.DSCN2186[1]
DSCN2184[1]Please do not ask me ..

“Cap why do they call it the Sanitary Public Market.”
DSCN2202[1].DSCN2208[1]At 7:30am on Thursday the 26th of May Pike’s Place was just coming-to-life for its day.DSCN2195[1]

Having done a very quick photo-shoot at Pike Place Greg took me to another Seattle Landmark ..

Pioneer Square.
DSCN2209[1]The famous totem pole in Pioneer Square.DSCN2210[1]
DSCN2212[1]Patti and I are now safely in Reno Nevada. We had a good flight down to Reno from Seattle yesterday afternoon Thursday the 26th. In an hour or so we are driving from Reno to Dayton Nevada to see long time friend Doug and Patti’s brother and his wife.

We attended a noon meeting today here in Reno at the Triangle Club with decades old friend Michael of Michael and Pattie who date-back to the early 1990’s in Anchorage Alaska. Michael and Pattie are in the process of moving from Anchorage to the Reno / Sparks Nevada area. It was so nice to catch-up on old times with Michael and to see Pattie on his Apple Smart Phone.

My Patti had not slept since getting up at 8am on Wednesday until her head hit-the-pillow last night about 10:30pm. Whew .. She was exhausted and then more.

Much Joy from Cap and from Patti in Reno heading to Dayton Nevada.


  1. Kit

    Dear Cap, Been thinking of you lately, and low and behold I log in to discover you are fairly close by!
    Stephen, my son, and I enjoyed our 2nd Annual mother/son road trip home from college as he just finished 2nd year. This year we traveled from Mesa, AZ up to Flagstaff, the Lake Powell, to Bryce Canyon, Zion, Vegas and then home. We hiked, talked, and overall enjoyed our time together. This weekend we celebrated his 20th birthday seeing Stevie Wonder in Napa at a music festival. Amy is getting anxious for summer, and she starts high school in the Fall. She and I will travel to South Dakota the end of June for vacation on my friend ranch.
    I hope by now you are feeling stronger after your illness in Seattle, and that you enjoy your trip.
    Where to next?
    All my best to you and Patti!

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