Patti and I are safely into Palenville New York State to visit our friend Erin who used to live in Anchorage Alaska.

New York State.

In the below map you can see Palenville (top balloon) is North of New York City (bottom balloon).

Palenville (left balloon) is near two other small towns. Catskill on the upper right and Saugerties on the lower right.

Patti and I left Brookville Pennsylvania (scroll down to see the Brookville PA Post following this Post) at 12 o’clock high noon and arrived into Palenville at 7:45pm. The day was absolutely perfect.


Yours Truly Needs To Go To Bed .. Cap and Patti and Erin ..

2 thoughts on “JUN 9, 16 .. PALENVILLE, NEW YORK

  1. admin_andrej

    I’m glad your both enjoying yourselves up there in Pete Seeger / Woodstock country.
    I’m sure it is just beautiful this time of year along the Hudson.
    Safe travels,

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