As I write this on a Saturday morning July the 30th, as a day goes, last Thursday was just a ‘tad long’ but somehow Patti and I survived the day.

We two left our home in Royal Oak Michigan about 12-noon and headed for Detroit’s Metro Airport for our flight West from Detroit Michigan (right red balloon) to Seattle Washington (left red balloon).

It never fails. As always seems to happen when you are ‘running very early’ everything just ‘fell into place’ and the two of us were ‘at our departure gate’ at Detroit’s Metro Airport two full hours before our on-time flight. In fact we had to wait 30-minutes in the main terminal before our Alaska Airlines flight counter even opened up for business!

Hello!  My very own, home-computer, will not allow me to upload my own photos. Lucky you reading this will just miss a batch of,  from-the-airplane, photos of clouds and meals and such.

Chuckling some more I could probably slip in old airline flight photos and sell-them-as Detroit to Seattle and Seattle to Anchorage photos and not one of you would notice. 

Into Seattle (right red balloon) we arrived a full 30-minutes early. Then off we flew (to ‘coin’ a phrase) North to Anchorage Alaska (left red balloon).


It was 60F in Anchorage when we landed and it was wonderful.

Yesterday I dealt with some of my mail (I have been away just a few days less than two full years) and the fact our truck was broken into and vandalized while we were away. Out of pocket costs will be just at $1,000 and I will eat-the-cost rather than make a claim with my insurance company. This is the (count them) third (3rd) case of my truck being vandalized over the past few months. Life just keeps happening.

I have to chuckle. I make it sound so easy. The above two-flight-day last Thursday coupled with a now four hour jet lag and the challenge of the truck being seriously vandalized. Another new window will be installed next Monday.

What to do? Accept it as it IS.

Well, it is only money isn’t it? Right now I have five (count them) close friends facing some very serious health challenges. Probably several billion (maybe more) human beings would change-places with yours truly in a New-York-Minute.

Chuckling some more I could probably slip in old airline flight photos and sell-them-as Detroit to Seattle and Seattle to Anchorage photos and not one of you would notice. 

Smiling Ear-To-Ear, Patti is sleeping as I publish this Post with no Patti-Proof-Reading.

/s/ One of the Luckiest Men in all of the the World .. Cap

3 thoughts on “JUL 30, 16 .. BACK IN ANCHORAGE ALASKA

    1. Cap Chastain

      YES INDEED the Suburban WAS in a locked and secured (chain-link wire fence) formal storage yard. The vandals cut the chain-link fence to get into the truck. This is the third go-around with my Suburban and I am beginning to take it VERY PERSONAL. Someone seems to have-it-out for yours truly. What to do?

  1. Patti

    Cap did not mention that prior to our LONG travel day, he put in three FULL days at the house in Royal Oak going through boxes and closets on the main floor, discarding a substantial amount of “stuff” and moving a substantial amount of “stuff” up into the attic which was sweltering at about 110 degrees or more. I do not know how he did it. He did take about five baths a day, I think mostly just to cool down his body temperature. Anyway, we ARE now in Anchorage and into the very busy process of getting resettled here, for a brief time anyway! Last time Cap was here in the condo was a week short of two years ago!! Hugs to all. Patti

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