When I am out-of-the country I have become extremely conscious of hand sanitation. It is pretty well known that hand-to-hand contact is one of the most common ways of germ propagation.

Medical Definition of propagation : The act or action of propagating as increase (as of a kind of organism) in numbers <propagation of a pure culture of bacteria>   WWW.MERRIAM-WEBSTER.COM

My son Robb reads the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) almost daily. As he reads the WSJ he cuts out and sends Patti and myself clippings that he finds of interest.

How difficult is it for one’s son or daughter to make a life changing suggestion to their parent(s)?

Answer: Next to impossible.

Well (as I call him) Rockin’ Robb sent an article from the WSJ to Patti and I. The article has completely changed the way we wash our hands. Each and every single time that we now wash our hands we think of him and of the gift he gave to Patti and to myself.

Below is the link to the World Health Organization (WHO) technique to most efficiently wash ones hands.

This WHO technique was developed for hospitals world wide to attempt to curb the extremely serious problem of within-hospital transmission of potentially fatal germs. Patti and I hope you find it of interest also.

A BIG THANK YOU ROBBIE for your gift.

Love Patti and Dad ..

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