Y E S !


I now have a three (3) year, Multiple Entry, Visa.

More to follow .. ‘ someday ‘ ..


8 thoughts on “SEP 17, 16 .. RUSSIA .. I HAVE MY VISA

  1. Kit

    Hi Cap! Congratulations on your Russian visa!!! I always enjoy following your travels. Thanks for the postcard, and hope you have a great rest of your stay in Alaska. I haven’t been to the parts of Russia you will visit, but I enjoyed visiting many places there a long time ago. I enjoy the people, food and the culture and hope your time is positive. Dubai fascinates me. Never been to the middle east, and I look forward to learning of your adventures.
    Best to you and Patti.
    Stay well.

    1. cap chastain

      The rest of my stay here in Alaska is getting increasingly hectic day-by-day Kitty. So when a friend asked me, “Are you excited to be going soon?” After a few moments I said, “It’s what I do.” Had they asked, “Will it be a relief when you set-said?” I would have said, “Oh Yes!” I can’t wait to see and to explore Dubai and Aba Dhaba. Smiling, Cap

  2. z

    Monday, September 18, 2016 – noon in So Cal

    Hi Capito!

    Super nifty! That’s great news when I called the other day and you just received the Visa for Russia! I surely can imagine your next 9 days will probably be in style at an 30 hour pace per day! Ha! And your side trip to Dubai on your first leg of the trip will surely be interesting and entertaining!! It will be very interesting to see pictures of the far east – the only photos that I have seen are the Formula 1 race which will be on 27 Nov 2015. A pity your time frame does not allow time for the race! A man on a mission! Have fun in HK, Dubai and of course Russia! That should be a very interesting trip – I’m already looking forward to your pics of that leg of the journey! We’ll have to work in “chit-chat” before you depart!


    1. cap chastain

      For some reason, I am far more ‘concerned’ about getting ready for this upcoming ‘outing’ than usual. I DO have two full days in Seattle for just-in-case last minute items. I plan to purchase a new laptop so I will be sure I can do some posts from Dubai and environs given the ability to get WiFi. This new laptop will be my first ever taking my own computer with me ‘over there’ to Asia. Smiles, Cap

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