When I am in a foreign country, surrounded by people from different races and cultures, I personally find that in order for me to survive comfortably, MUSwant to be where I am and enjoy being where I am. To this end, I work very hard to find all of the positive things that I am able to find.

When I found THE SIGN  I thought to myself ..

“Isn’t this absolutely positively amazing. I have never ever in the U.S. seen anything like it. I am looking at the experience of many centuries of civilization here. After all our numeric system of digits is called the Arabic numeral system and it was invented over here. These are intelligent people.”

I landed here in Dubai last Saturday night the 1st of October. It was night and very dark outside by the time I cleared immigration and customs and got into my taxi. Needless to say I was totally lost as to having any idea of where I was here in Dubai. Then not even my experienced taxi driver could easily find the AL FAREJ HOTEL.

So this week I have been sitting here in my hotel with absolutely no clear idea of where I am located with respect to the greater Dubai Metropolitan Area. Not to worry I have been fully occupied with getting settled in and have had no real desire to step back and see the overall picture of where I am located.


As you all know I have found the roof of the hotel. Below are several photos taken from the roof. You do NOT know what you are looking at but THE SIGN  is in several of the below photos.

Here I am exploring the roof of the hotel.


I walked to the far right end of the roof and snapped the below photo looking down on the street below.


THE SIGN  is near the far street corner. Don’t spend too much time looking for it because you will see it up close soon. 


Below you can see THE SIGN  pretty well. If not, don’t worry about it.


Down we go to street level. In the below photo you should recognize the building on the corner above.


And ! Above and below we are now looking straight at THE SIGN.


From across the street.


Closer, ever closer we come.



Mister magnificent SIGN !dscn99951

MISTER SIGN tells me where I am in Dubai.

I am in  AL MURAR.


In the city of Dubai UAE I am in Community Number 117.


And I am right where the arrow in the below photo is pointing to.

NOTE: The Google map for this area is incorrect. As you will see at the end of this Post, the Google map shows me on 18th Street. This is totally inaccurate. I am physically here and I see what the street signs and this information sign show.


I am in Community Number 117. I am at the corner of 20 Street and 31b Street.


What is in Community Number 117? What could be more important than knowing where the Mosques are and where you can park your car and get gasoline if you need it!


Today’s Rhetorical Question: Who came first when it comes to making things crystal clear? The Arabs or the Mongolians?

Now that I know where I am, I just have to go to one of Andrej’s phenomenal maps and find myself on the map.

I am living where the left balloon points. The Dubai Int’l Airport is the right balloon.

Closer ever closer.

Now I am really going to get grounded here in Dubai. I am going to begin to really explore the city. First up will be to learn the Bus and the Underground Metro Systems.

I have however already walked from my hotel (right balloon) to the famous Dubai Hyatt Regency. I have established my bank (center balloonas well. In fact establishing my bank took me near the Hyatt.

Like my process or not, this is how I am rolling in Dubai.

As I write this I am seriously considering staying in Dubai until the end of November IF ( the enormous big IF ) I can get it arranged with Emirates Airlines. There is absolutely no guarantee that I will be able to get a seat on a later flight.

I would go to Oman in late October. Then upon my return into Dubai I would have a new 30-day visa that would take me to the end of November. Then on to Hong Kong. In my life this may well be my one and my only visit here.

“It’s What We Do huh Peyton?”

Smiles, Cap

Here is what I mean about the Google map of this area. The hotel is on 20th NOT 18th.


Trust me I am here.


  1. cap chastain

    Great street sign to orient yourself to where you are in the greater Dubai area! Whether Google maps (and maybe others) say the hotel is on 18th, it looks obvious that the hotel is on 20th. Nice that you are getting comfortable in your neighborhood! Smiles. Love. Hugs. Patti

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