A walk in Al Murar.



This Mosque is located in the Northwest corner of Al Murar.



“Oops. I am sorry! I just jumped into this Post on you. Let me begin again.”

If you have been following my recent Dubai Posts, I believe that you all know that I am staying in the Dubai Community named Al Murar which is Community Number 117.

This Post will show you just the Northwest (the upper left corner of the yellow area below) corner of Al Murar.


All of my walks here in Al Murar begin at my local street corner.


Armed with this (home base GPS) location I can easily find my way back if I get lost.

And yes, I am here to tell you I have gotten lost. More than once.

Notice below in the lower right hand corner the mosque that you have already seen in several photos.


Here we go for a walk in the Northwest corner of Al Murar.

What? What have we here? Wildlife in Al Murar?


Two kitty photos just for Patti and ‘Zilla and Claudia.


Yet another, in a seemingly never ending supply of grocery stores here in Al Murar. This just proves Al Murar is a residential (non-tourist) community. Tourists are not grocery shopping.



You do NOT get too many school buses downtown in the high-rent tourist hotel area either.


Now back to the beginning. The below photo shows again the mosque that is located very near the NW corner of Al Murar.


Why do I tell you this? Because it is now one of my landmarks. If I am out (for instance in an auto returning from a tour) and I see this mosque, I immediately know where I am. And this has happened! And, get this, I was able to tell my tour driver how to get to my hotel!

The major North / South road on the West edge of Al Murar.


Looking South, to the right, down the above street.

dscn02071More land marks for me. The blue building below, located at the NW corner of Al Murar, is very distinct.


So too is the gasoline station.


Will you all just look at the state-of-the-art, smart shelter, bus stop!


Complete with WiFi!


Do you see the mosque in the background that I began this Post with?


Here comes a state-of-the-art, local, Dubai public bus.


All of these photos were snapped in the NW corner of Al Murar. As a composite grouping they all become a landmark for me.


Just-like-home in the United States.


OK, I think you get my point about land marks and how they serve me.

Smiles, Cap


Now we will plunge into .. Taa-Daa ..


The Twi-Light Zone

Gullible, here are a few more photos of street sweepers. I include them here because they are all over. Also so you don’t think that previously in another Post I took one photo of the one street sweeper in all of Dubai for you.


“I get it Cap. You don’t have to photograph every street sweeper you see!”

/ signed / Gullible


What do I do all day? Well, I do what many of you do all day, I do what has to be done.

Here the ambient temperature is running in the 90s so I get hot and sweaty when I am out.

So? I have to wash my clothes.

Yes, I could send them out to a laundry. I don’t do this because of the excessive cost and because I am not willing to risk losing any of my clothing.

How do I wash my clothes? This is why I am calling this The Twi-Light Zone!

To make a ‘laundry tub’ I cut a 5-litre water jug in half as you see below.

Soaking / washing a T-Shirt.


In the below photo (look at my left arm) can you see that I am wearing the T-Shirt over the top of my dress shirt?


The entrance to the roof of the hotel has been closed. I can no longer dry clothes on the roof. By wearing the T-Shirt over my dress shirt it kept me cool and it dried very quickly.

How do I wash trousers in my small ‘laundry tub’?

Just see below.



Trust me! I get my clothes clean.


It really helps to dry trousers when you periodically alternate their drying position as you see here. This keeps the water from concentrating at the bottom. Trust me. It works.


Smiling. Trying to always Smile. Smiling with you and with myself too.

Good day from .. The Twi-Light Zone.

‘Zilla .. My Good Man .. Could you live like this?

4 thoughts on “OCT 13, 16 .. A WALK IN AL MURAR, DUBAI COMMUNITY 117

  1. cap chastain

    Enjoyed the walk through Al Murar. Your landmarks are so typical of you! LOVED the pictures of the kitties … they look to be healthy and happy to be photographed. So, ‘they’ have locked the exit door out onto the roof. You are likely one of the few guests that have ever ventured out there, let alone hung laundry to dry! I know your process … the jugs cut in half, etc. Works anywhere in the world for you!!! Smiles and love. Patti

    1. cap

      Yes there is no doubt the rooftop entry door was locked so that my drying venue was closed down firmly. When I went back up to get what was drying, my items were inside of the door hanging from the door handle. The room is a tad damp from the air conditioning so it takes longer for things to dry BUT dry they eventually do.

      Happy you liked the kitties and appreciate my landmarks. It may seem odd to some but I must know where I am when I am out. Yes my process does indeed work. Love and Hugs, Cap

  2. z

    Friday October 14, 2016 – 3:30 pm

    Hi Cap,

    I do agree that when traveling in any new – even “big” city landmarks are vital! As you know I did a lot of driving both in good “ole” USA and of course most of the European cities where we both worked – you have to have good maps and landmarks!

    It’s great you are taking some tours to get the lay of the land and also all that walking you are doing – just don’t let that heat get you down! I notice most of the signs are in the local language and in English – would you say so far that having signs in English is making it a lot easier for you to get around? Are you considering renting a car to drive around the country?

    Regarding “zilla” doing his washing in a bucket (plastic water bottle cut in half) as you do – the answer is I am glad you are doing all the washing! I would prefer to give my stuff to the hotel for washing. However when I traveled to my sites in the USA and stayed at a hotel for a period of a week or longer, than I used the washer/dryer made available at the hotel.

    Have fun!


    1. cap

      My man I would NOT even think, for one short instant, the idea of renting a car. YES YES OH YES INDEED! It is wonderful to have so much English all around me. From the signs to the people. There is no way I can even begin to understand the Arabic script nor spoken language. Come on over for a visit. Smiles, Cap

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