Tuesday, October the 18th, 2016.

Yet another ‘today’ has arrived for me. I have been looking forward to ‘today’ and to my visit to Oman. Today is it.

I think that my hotel is in the Qurum area of the city of Muscat Oman


We will see soon enough.

We cannot assume anything can we? Just because my hotel is called the Qurum Beach Hotel does not guarantee it is in Qurum does it?

“Captain! Are you going to be on-the-beach in Qurum?”

Who knows? Does its name, Qurum BEACH Hotel mean that it is on-the-beach?

Soon you and I are going to find out.

Stay tuned sports fans. Bobba and the Bobbseys are rolling again.

Sign Me .. One of the luckiest people alive ..


To read about MISTER LENOVO’S new ‘mouse’ just scroll down to my previous Post, OCT 17, 16 below.

3 thoughts on “OCT 18, 16 .. DUBAI UAE TO OMAN .. FLIGHT DAY

  1. cap chastain

    I am looking forward to “being in Oman” with you via your posts! Went to Trip Advisor and clicked into the Qurum Beach Hotel in Oman … mixed reviews … we shall see what the Captain thinks! Smiles, love, hugs. Patti

  2. Jeanne Follett

    Cap, Cap, Cap. Did you not check Trip Advisor? It’s a 15 minute walk to the beach. As Patti said, mixed reviews. Breakfast not included. Odd-shaped rooms. Old Arab style rooms, which might be interesting. Everyone says the rooms are clean, but the furniture old.

  3. eArThworm

    Looks to me like you’re about 3 blocks from Al Shati beach and about 4 blocks from Al Qurum Beach….they are next to each other on the same shoreline, west of the hotel.

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