I received the below exceptional comment  to my OCT 23, 16 Post.

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Trust me, Cap, the more you work with Windows 10, the less frustrating it will be. You will soon forget about Windows 7. I have. It’s good that you have your own computer with you, because it forces you to use it and learn the program, rather than going to an Internet cafe.

Yes, it’s frustrating when things don’t go our way, but that’s all it is, i.e., frustration. I saw a newspaper cartoon once that I clipped out and gave to Ken, who sometimes flipped out over mechanical repairs because things didn’t go to his liking. The cartoon showed a man working on a car and accidentally throwing a wrench through his window. The caption was, “Ken punishes his naughty tools.”

A friend, angry that his old chainsaw wouldn’t start, threw it across his yard. A year later, when he took it in to see if it could be repaired (it couldn’t), was told, “Oh, that’s too bad. This is one of the best saws ever made.”

So, the point is we sometimes give our frustrations more weight than they are worth.

One more thing to consider: Just who is it that needs to be in constant phone contact with the other?

Kudos to letting Patti proof read on her schedule. She, too, has a life apart from yours. All couples do. Post when you’re ready, even if the post isn’t perfect. When I do that and later on discover typos, I call it “post haste.”

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You are 100% correct, spot on, about the fact that, because I am using my own personal computer, it is literally forcing me to work out many of my various Windows 10 issues.

Do you realize that the problem with the photos (when I suddenly could not upload them for a few days) was this simple? For reasons unbeknownst to me, I began to use a right click in the photo uploading process whereas to that point in time I was using a left click. Don’t ask me why the right click suddenly came into my life and caused me a few days of holy (unholy) havoc when up until that time I was always left clicking at a crucial point in the photo uploading process.

BECAUSE, AND ONLY BECAUSE, this is my computer and I have no one to turn to, I was forced to continue to see what in the world was happening when previously I had quite successfully uploaded a few hundred photos.

Voila! On my own (Maybe with some assistance from The Above) I figured it out. Left Click / Right Click oh my oh my oh my!

There is absolutely no argument that Windows 10 is the present and the future.

At an internet cafe I would not have learned this simple / difficult complex lesson.

I also learned that using a computer mouse is vital for me. I now know that I was getting into all sorts of trouble just because of using the touch pad because I was letting fingers from both hands come into contact with the touch pad at the same time causing the touch pad itself havoc.

I also know this: When the MicroSoft computer technician Gaurav remotely took complete control of my laptop (Who knows where on the planet Gaurav was? I was and still am in Muscat, Oman) I could see (but I could not comprehend nor follow what he was doing) he did a whole lot of things in a matter of (?) seconds.

Gaurav kept saying to me, “I understand your frustrations Sir.”

After that 2-1/2 hour chat session with MicroSoft things have gotten noticeably better.

Without me, dealing with my computer, I would never ever have contacted MicroSoft to go with / at them on a little one-on-one chat session.

Geez Cap! You are still on the first paragraph of my comment. /s/ You All Know Who

Now it is I who owe you an apology maybe.


I am not positive that there was not a strong physical, as well as maybe a genetic, precursor to my melt down that took it out of the ‘merely being frustrated’ category.

It is easy to say, “Snap out of it Captain. Don’t let a little frustration get you down!”

I have never been a ‘tool or golf club or other thrower’. I have owned my-part of issues including working as a professional with my hands in the mechanical trades.

My mother was a Casey. The Irish are well known for melancholy and other mental and physiological (alcoholism) struggles. 100% of my very serious family mental issues are on the Casey side of my family tree.

I have completely down-played the jet-lag issue. It is real and it is known to affect the Bi-Polar population out of proportion to the rest of society.

I have not mentioned the holy hell I have been playing with my C.P.A.P. machine (read MediCare requirements) since last early August.

From the onset I took a look at my, not at Patti’s, side of the street. I owned my part. My (not Patti’s) ego got into my mix. Sad to say, unfairly of course, it affected Patti. My simple failure to remember what Patti had told me she was going to be doing blew me up out of the water. Had I remembered what she told me, and she had told me several times what she was going to be doing at 5pm that fateful afternoon, absolutely nothing would have happened because I would not have interrupted her.

It was my rage at myself and at my own stupidity for not having remembered her plans that smashed me into the black hole.

Yes! Patti herself would be the first to tell you that I honor her life and I honor her freedom to do as she needs and wants to do.

S – – –  Happens.

I was Shot at and missed.  S – – –  At And Hit!

By life. End of story.

Smiles and Gratitude To Friends Like You!


And wouldn’t it be special, if someone reading along here hit their own black hole, and thought about mine and about my experience and it helped them to survive. Years ago I tried to become a volunteer for a Suicide Prevention Hot Line in San Francisco. Sad to say, the enormous legal constraints upon volunteers forced me to decide that I didn’t want, nor did I need, to put up with these constraints. The same for being willing to go into hospitals to read to patients.

6 thoughts on “OCT 25, 16 .. A POST REPLYING TO A GREAT COMMENT

  1. cap chastain

    Great, thoughtful, insightful response to Gullible’s comment on your previous text with this post. In all honesty, these past several days have been difficult for me as well, but I am also surviving. My love and always support to you. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I think we now have THE ANSWER. I post a writing and text you that one is on line and you can review it as fits for you. That takes away a lot of the stress for each of us. Love, Cap

  2. Jeanne Follett

    Wow. I kicked myself a hundred times after posting that comment and looked for ways to delete it. I stuck my nose into things I had no business in, especially online. I am truly thankful you weren’t offended.

    When I was in high school, the school psych called my mother and told her I was manic/depressive. I don’t recall talking with anyone who was a psychologist but I might have. I was under a lot of pressure from teachers, etc., and I wouldn’t back down. (Long story. ) From the name, it was pretty obvious what the symptoms were and I will admit they sounded all too familiar.

    I think now that I have “grown out” of the malady as I don’t have those extremes any more and haven’t had for some decades, but they were indeed a bugaboo when I was much younger. I had a close relative who had the same and she committed suicide.

    One thing that would have helped was to have known about PMS (females only). I could have told myself my depression was only temporary and would be better in a few days. Alas, such a thing wasn’t common knowledge in the Pleistocene era.

    I was unaware that jet lag affects Bi-Polars more than others. I trust you are well clear of it now. The only affect it has on me is sleeping for abnormal hours when I first get home from three of four days of traveling west. Going east doesn’t seem to bother me, except for the normal frazzled exhaustion of airports, etc. Perhaps because I am off on an adventure by flying east and I am NOT going to let anything stop me.

    I am also getting better at being able to sleep on airplanes.

    Live chat with tech people is the most wonderful thing ever. You don’t have to get past any thick accents! I pay an annual fee to The Geek Squad (Best Buy) and have my computer tuned up and any problems solved several times a year, all for an annual price that includes three devices.

    Anyway, I hope my previous comment didn’t offend you. Hugs.

    1. Jeanne Follett

      PS: Throw a golf club or two (metaphorically) the next time and see if it helps. Maybe you should make it a pillow or a small beanbag. Don’t use a stuffed animal, though. Knowing you, you’ll anthropomorphize it and name it and have discussions with it. (That’s a joke!)

    2. Jeanne Follett

      By the way, right clicks work magic at the proper time, especially is you use keyboard shortcuts like ctrl+A to select an entire document and then ctrl+C to copy it.
      Click where you want to paste it and right click for the paste option. Much faster that going to edit, etc.

      If you right click on a photo, you’ll bring up “properties” way at the bottom and that will tell you everything technical about the photo.

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