I am safely back ‘home’ here in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, at my Al Farej Hotel.

In leaving Muscat, in the Sultanate of Oman, I set my own all time record for being early for a flight.

For a 7:10pm flight, I left my hotel over 5-hours early at 1:45pm. My taxi ride to the Muscat Int’l Airport was 15-minutes.

Here is another first ever for me. We went through security before we entered the departure area. I mean security. X-Ray everything, belt off, shoes off, pockets empty .. I mean security! Usually you pass through security after you have checked yourself and your bags in and you have a boarding pass!

After security, I arrived into the departure area at 2:20pm. I was told my Emirates Departure Counter would open at 4pm.

During this 1-1/2-hour wait, I met a great young man from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, South India, named Arvind.

Cap and Arvind were numbers one and two to check ourselves and our bags in.

Then, before we reached immigration, we had a second security screening of ourselves and our carry on bags. This second screening was far more intense than the first screening. I don’t have a clue how it could have been more intense than the first security screening but it sure felt more intense.

Out to our departure Gate 17 we two went. At 4:45pm we were told we could not enter our Gate 17 area until 5:45pm. Off Arvind went to explore the surrounding area. Off yours truly went into the Gate 18 departure area so I could at least wait while sitting down.

“Sir, may I see your boarding pass? Sir this is not your boarding area. You must leave the Gate 18 area Sir.”

“I cannot just stand around for an hour and there are no seats available.”

“Come with me Sir.”

I was taken inside of my Gate 17 boarding area where I waited to board at 6:15pm.

“Cap?” .. “Yes ‘Zilla?” .. “What about the Rhetorial Question? The title of this Post?”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Today’s Rhetorical Question:

Does it count-against-one, when one makes a promise to one’s self, and does not keep that promise?



Yes! A Promise Made IS A Debt Unpaid. Yes it counts, especially IF one’s self promise involves other people. If I promise myself to do something for another person, I feel I am indebted to myself to keep that promise even if the other person does not know about my self promise.

No! Who cares, who even knows, if your self promise involves only yourself. Well Captain YOU KNOW.

My Thoughts on My Rhetorical Question:

When I headed out yesterday to catch my flight from Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman back to Dubai ..


Just this one airline flight, I promise myself that I will NOT TAKE ONE SINGLE PHOTO.

“My followers are sick and they are tired of seeing clouds and airline meals and the inside of airliners and airports.”

“It will be night, there would have been no photos of clouds Captain.”

“You got no-no’d big time, see the third man from the left below, in no uncertain terms here in Muscat for shooting photos when you arrived.”

“It is a 45-minute flight so what’s to photograph.”

“Done deal Captain. Not one flight photo.”

“Arrrrrggggg! I simply could not help myself.”

Just in case, on the very small possibility, that any of you think this International Travel is a free ride, consider the next two photos below.


“Is this gigantic aircraft really going to get itself off the ground and fly us back to Dubai?”


“How? How on Earth? How in the world? Could I NOT shoot the next two photos?”

“Never! Never Ever! Have I seen an International flight this empty!”


“Judge and Jury? Your verdict please about the above promise broken!”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

My second arrival into Dubai International. I knew the layout. Yes I wanted to shoot a photo or two but I did not do so.

I recharged my Dubai cell phone. Talked to Patti for 30-minutes.

Off home to the Al Farej Hotel. Walk out to the taxi queue.

My taxi driver was not familiar with my Al Farej Hotel.

“Go to the Hyatt Regency Dubai. I will tell you what to do.”

He did (headed for the Hyatt Regency Dubai) and I showed him (when we got into my community 117) where my hotel is.

Patti and I said good night. I crashed.

Oh My! Oh My! .. I go away for ten (10) days and will you just look at what has arrived into my dining room here at the Al Farej Hotel.

A brand new Juice Dispenser Bar!




It sure feels great to be back here in Dubai.

By the way, I have changed where I am writing my Posts here in the Lobby of the Al Farej Hotel.

Here are my two previous venues.


I am now over in the far corner below. The above two venues are behind the left partition.


I am now ‘sunggled in’ behind Ahad and his travel office.





You Believe.

You Don’t Believe.

Nope. There is no category .. “I will think about it awhile.”

Today I am in a REALLY POWERFUL .. I BELIEVE .. Mood.

Man-O-Manischewitz! What a ride this is.

Life with Bi-Polar disorder. You want crazy? Come on inside of a Bi Polar mind for a short ride. Do any of you recall my recent Posts dated OCT 20, 16 and OCT 22, 16 and OCT 23, 16?

“Here I Am Lord.”

With Love, Cap

Your invitation: Come on over here to this part of the Mid-East. Come on over to Dubai and to the UAE. Come on over to Muscat, Oman. Come on over NOT for a day or two. Come on over NOT for a week. Come on over for a FULL MONTH OR TWO FULL MONTHS. Then we will all sit down and have a little chit-chat.

Oh Hello Miss India. Oh Hello Miss Hong Kong. Oh Hello Miss Mongolia. Captain! You seem to be accumulating a small harem of very VERY beautiful ladies.

CAPTAIN! Just press publish.    

2 thoughts on “OCT 29, 16 .. DOES IT COUNT .. TODAY’S RHETORICAL QUESTION ..

  1. cap chastain

    Welcome back to Dubai and your friendly Al Farej Hotel. Nice little ‘nook’ your have found back in the corner there by Ahad to do your posting! INTENSE security checkSSS in your departure from the Muscat Airport. I am not surprised that you could ultimately NOT resist taking a few photos. You were not kidding when you said that was one EMPTY flight. Settle in, you have 31/2 weeks now to enjoy Dubai again. Hugs! Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes, I have a new, small home here in the corner of the lobby. You sure are correct. Empty flight. How could I NOT snap a photo or two. Empty flight and high security. But boarding up the stairway to the plane sure looked like a CROWD didn’t it? Whodda thunk the plane was going to be so empty. Love, Cap

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