NOV 5, 16 .. MAI DUBAI ..

DUCES N’ JACKS, THE MAN WITH THE AXE .. A pair of natural 7’s takes all.

I am jumping and I mean I am jumping. Here are a few random photos I snapped yesterday and today.

Oh Yes Indeed!

I have done, and I mean, I HAVE DONE, SKIDUBAI.

Two sneak-preview photos before I put up a full Post on blogspot about SKIDUBAI.


Do the two below photos surprise any of you?

I can’t speak for any of you BUT they sure surprised me.


An advertisement on the Dubai Metro. Amazing huh?


I snapped the two photos below after I got off the train. I was still in the metro station at track level.


I remain amazed by Mai Dubai.


The next series of photos are of my ‘home metro station’, Union Station. I enter the South entrance.



I am in, and I am out of, Union Station several times a day minimum.



The two photos below were taken showing the back of the South entrance to Union Station.



Now that you know what Union Station looks like in the above photos, you will be able to recognize it in the below photos taken from across the street. You are looking at the South entrance.


On my way home to my hotel I have to cross the main street. There are 40-steps up. On the extreme left below you see the point of the roof of the South entrance to Union Station.

This is, after all, a program of honesty. There are times when I am exhausted and I silently ‘groan’ to myself as I contemplate, 18-steps up to the first landing, then 22-steps up to the crossover walk.


Several photos just looking around the grounds of Union Station.


In the following two photos below, you can see the other (North) entrance into Union Station.


The North entrance is on the far left edge of the below photo.



The grounds surrounding the Union Metro Station, as I hope you can see, are in a word, beautiful.


Still on the grounds of the Union Metro Station.






I am so very happy that I am spending so much time here in Dubai.

Smiles, Cap

2 thoughts on “NOV 5, 16 .. MAI DUBAI ..

  1. patricia boone

    A little “teaser” with the two photos of Ski Dubai … will be going to blogspot next! The bicycles surprised you … did not surprise me at all. Dubai seems so very ‘with it’ that I would not have doubted for a moment that we have some bicyclers there. You mentioned you ‘silently groan’ at the 40 steps up to the crossover over the main road. If it makes you groan, it feels like it would be quite a challenge for me. Your Mai Dubai may well never be MY Dubai. Sigh, it is what it is. Enjoyed the Metro ambiance! Hugs. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Patti we would just have to take a taxi. There is no way you could navigate that cross over. OUT of the question and that is for sure. The reason the bicycles surprised me is that I had missed them. They are on the walk from the metro to the Caribou Coffee shop. But I usually do that walk at night. I photographed them in the morning when I went to a 10:30am meeting. Yes Dubai is certainly a ‘with it’ city. Happy you liked my little ‘teaser’ about SKIDUBAI. The grounds surrounding the Union Metro Station are just beautiful. Thanks for looking this over. Love, Cap.

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