NOV 10, 16 .. MORE TRAVEL? .. IT’S WHAT I DO ..

Today I am taking a day-trip out of Dubai to a city and an area called Al Ain.


Why Al Ain?

Why NOT Al Ain?

Several friends here in Dubai have said to me that this is a must visit. One of them will be driving the two of us to Al Ain and back to Dubai tonight.

Yes! You guessed it! We will be going to a meeting of the Fellowship in Al Ain.

Smiles, Cap

Loving it. Just loving it all.

One thought on “NOV 10, 16 .. MORE TRAVEL? .. IT’S WHAT I DO ..

  1. Tom Engel

    Tom here Cap- Tiger Tom.Whew, glad election done, so tired of it! Ginny and I doing well,I am subbing tonight 11/12/16 on Ferndale Hot Line, 6pm-10pm Also , I will be doing Tuesday evenings, alternate weeks, while a member is recuperating from surgery.My next scheduled Tuesday shift is 11-22-16,5pm-10pm

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