NOV 16, 16 .. RAS AL KHAIMAH .. A WALK (PT 2 / 3)

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RAS AL KHAIMAH .. A WALK (PT 1 / 3), NOV 15, 16 ..

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Where a somewhat large body of water meets the land, you have a beach. So sayeth Cap.

Beach (n) .. The part of the shore of an ocean, sea, large river, lake, etc., washed by the tide or waves. So sayeth Thank you so much.

Below are a few photos of what I consider to be beaches.


I can write Patti’s name on a beach.




The following photos were taken of the ‘beach’ in Pondicherry, India.

Patti, with her eyes closed is thinking, “Cap! You are calling this a beach!”




– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I concluded yesterday’s Post as you see below:

In the below photo, do I see the water of the Arabian Gulf out there at the end of the school grounds?dscn91421

Stay tuned Sports Fans for tomorrow’s Post.

Smiling .. Cap

In the map below, the above photo was taken looking up 5 Street toward the point where the lower left balloon is located.

In today’s Post, I will walk up the road along the Arabian Gulf from the lower left balloon to the center balloon. I will then turn to my right and continue up Al Hisn Road stopping at the right balloon.


Here is the street sign at the lower left balloon.


I will be walking Northeast up Al Qawasim Corniche Road until I reach the upper right balloon. You see this name on the map above.

Yesterday’s tomorrow has arrived Sports Fans.

I could not wait .. I’d walked a full two hours ..


Lord God of Abraham, creator of heaven and of earth, are you kidding me?


I have got it! The beach is to my left. I just looked the wrong direction.


“Sahib! Baba! Can you assist me Sir? I am looking for the beach! I can’t seem to find it. Lord Krishna sent you to help me find the beach.”

When I snapped the below photo, I had absolutely no idea whatsoever of how I would use the photo or IF I would even use it. Amazing huh?


I walked awhile. No luck. More rocks. No sandy beach.


“Sahib! Walk out here on me and maybe you will see what you are looking for.”  / sign me your helpful /  Small Jetty


“False promises from a Small Jetty on a very rocky ‘beach’.” I am heading for the white building you see on the right in the distance below.


“Patti! My Dear One! I am so sorry there will be NO PATTI written on the beach here in Ras Al Khaimah. I was so looking forward to writing your name in the sand!”

“What’s that Lord God of Abraham?”

“Acceptance IS the answer to all of my problems.”

“If I am not home accepting what I cannot change, I will be out running around like a crazy man trying to change what I am unwilling to accept?”

“Come on Lord God of Abraham. Dial me up some sand for Patti.”

Well I am going to walk up the road to see what I can see. My first ‘goal’ is to reach the white building in the distance on the right side of the road.


Looking up a side street. The construction just never ends.


Meanwhile, on the water side, nothing is changing.


Look right (above) or look left (below) nothing but rocks.


“Hey! Big Dude! You! Mister Bad! Mister XTREME with all of the muscles! Will you dial me up some sand!”


“I   do   not   believe   it   some   sand!” ..

An itty bitty beach that was far too dangerous for me to climb down to. Not too bad Mister XTREME.


“Captain! For some real sand, You need Lord God of Abraham. I did all I could do.” /s/ Mister XTREME

Up the street I continued.


I am closing in on the white building that I have been heading for.


Hello Mister White Building. How are you?



It sure was nice meeting you Mister White Building. You are handsome!


I had been walking on the right shoulder of the road, away from the beach, totally focused on the White Building above.

“Lord God of Abraham! You have GOT TO BE KIDDING!”

“I do not believe it! IMPOSSIBLE!”


Just for you My Dear One!





“You wanted sand Captain? Have a little sand!” / signed / You KNOW Who!


“Someone else asked me for a soccer field on the beach.”



After I pass the sweet little mosque below, I will turn right up the next street.


Now I begin my walk back in the general direction of my hotel. I have come from the lower left balloon to the center balloon. I now will head for the right balloon.


A photo of the street sign located precisely at the center balloon.


Al Hisn Road at Sidron Street. Notice, if you will take the moment to do so, how pleasant the street sign is. Do we have such decorative street signs?dscn92121Here is what you see, looking around this immediate area.dscn92111



I am of the opinion, just my own opinion, I have no facts to support my belief, we do not have as many venues of worship as has Islam. I have seen prayer venues literally not much larger than the size of a telephone booth.



I did not go further up the road. I just looked up the beach.


I think that I am looking at the Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort and Spa in the distance.


Up Al Hisn Road we now proceed. Sports Fans, I was beginning to think that I was never going to turn the corner and start up Al Hisn Road!

Toys and plush pets for the children. I was touched.


I went in to eat. The restaurant was 100% full. I was hoping to sit and gather myself together and to cool down a little. No such luck.


You will see in the map that follows below, both the Apple Garden and the Police Station.




Suddenly! Snap your fingers! There they were. My Twin Blue Towers. I had found the last of the buildings that I see from my hotel room window that I set out to find on my walk.

In the three photos below, do you all see the Twin Blue Towers in the far distance? This is how far I had walked Sports Fans.



No matter that I telephoto’d them in closer, they are still a long way off.


When I first spied them in the view I show in the first photo below, I was not 100% positive that they were ‘my’ Twin Blue Towers.



The below photo shows the building on the left above. Do you see the satellite dishes?


Notice the bridge that crosses a waterway to the Twin Blue Towers. I will conclude this Post when I get to the waterway.






There are my buddies again.


Yesterday’s Post, PT 1 / 3, went from the center balloon to the left balloon. Today’s Post PT 2 / 3, went from the left balloon to the right balloon. Tomorrow’s Post, PT 3 / 3, will go from the right balloon back to my hotel the center balloon.


The below photo was taken at the location of the right balloon. By the bridge and on the edge of the water.


I have spent far more time on these first two Posts than I did on the entire walk.

Smiles, Cap

4 thoughts on “NOV 16, 16 .. RAS AL KHAIMAH .. A WALK (PT 2 / 3)

  1. patricia boone

    Well, of course I had already read 1 of 3, so I just jumped right in! Again, nice to have the maps to be able to follow your travels, on foot currently rather than country to country. I could feel your frustration about not finding sand at the edge of the water, but … how BEAUTIFUL the color of the water is. I had a belly laugh when you finally DID find sand and wrote my name inside of a heart in the sand … THANK YOU my dear one. The buildings were interesting along the way. The toys for the children were delightful to see. I am now waiting to learn, maybe, what the two blue buildings are in part 3/3. I will stay tuned! Love, Patti

    1. baba kaps

      Oh My Yes the maps are great. I am happy that I thought to use them in this series of Posts. So far I have not overdone their use. Happy you liked your name. I found a stick (I had not been able to do so in Oman so used my fingers) so could more easily put a heart around your name-in-the-sand. It is tricky since one’s feet sort of mar the area of the name. Yes, I too was touched by the children’s store full of goodies. All I know about the Twin Blue Towers is their name(s). I am not able (yet) to access them by foot. Thanks for your corrections and comments. Love, Cap.

  2. z

    Thursday, November 17, 2016 – 1:00 pm So Cal

    Hi Cap,

    Great tour! It is very interesting to follow your journey with the super maps and photos that you take! I have missed your photos of potential “meals” when you appear to have passed-up the restaurant that you noted was full! BTW did you find a restaurant to eat because you certainly had a long walk which I assume took of a lot of your energy!

    Great tour!


    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      You will see in PT 3 / 3 which I just published dated NOV 17, 16 .. Some feedback about my eating on the walk last Tuesday. Smiles and Joy .. Cap

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