DEC 7, 16 .. DECEMBER 7th, 1941 .. DAY OF INFAMY ..

Born in September 1936, on December 7th 1941, seventy five years ago, I was age 5-years.

Yes indeed! To some extent I recall that day. I certainly did not understand what was happening but I knew something very important had happened.

As World War II progressed, I grew from age 5-years to almost age 9-years. You betcha! I do indeed remember a lot of what went on during the years from 1942 – 1945. I vividly remember V-J Day in the United States, August 14, 1945.

A young playmate of mine, Donny, lived up the street. Donny had a sister Terese. Terese dated a United States Marine who was fighting the Japanese out in the Pacific. I believe that Terese, and her dating a United States Marine, influenced me to join the United States Marine Corps myself 15-or-so years later in 1958. The one single greatest decision of my entire life to this point in time.

I honor and I salute all who served our country so that I could grow up to live and to serve those who were yet too young to do so.

Ten-Hut Gyrene! ..


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