Yesterday, Tuesday the 17th of January 2017, I had a formal appointment with my surgeon here at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix Arizona.

Prior to my appointment, I had four X-rays taken of my left hip so, when I saw him, my surgeon was fully up-to-date as to my left hip.

One does not simply show up at the Mayo Clinic and become a patient. The usual way one becomes a Mayo Clinic patient is to be formally referred by a local doctor.

During my appointment I asked my surgeon if he was also my doctor or just my surgeon. He said that he was my orthopedic doctor and my surgeon.

Patti has had some major serious issues with her hip replacement. So I asked my doctor if he would answer a question or two for Patti. He did. I then asked him if he could accept Patti as a patient. He said sure and told Patti to call his secretary to set the wheels in motion.

As I write these few words Patti now has a Mayo Clinic patient number and will be having her own X-Rays taken of her hip this morning, Wednesday, January the 18th. So any further issues with Patti’s left hip will be resolved under the umbrella of the Mayo Clinic!

This is stunning and phenomenal news for both Patti and myself.

As for yours truly, the process of recovery continues (in my doctor’s words) to be exceptional and ahead of most of his patients.

The doctor in my head, the one practicing his medicine between my right and left ears, is not all that pleased with my recovery. I am still struggling to re-learn the art of walking with some vague semblance of grace and style. I am now using a cane sometimes and a walker most of the time. My fatigue level remains almost paralytic. And the subtle twinges and issues in the area of my left hip continue to bother me from time to time. All normal and ‘not-to-worry’ my doctor / surgeon and his two assistants assured me.

“We will see you in one years time.” they said as we said our goodbyes.


Patti is now a Mayo Clinic patient!


You’d better believe it.

Patti and Cap ..


  1. GINNY

    Praying for both of you as your hip issues get resolved. You’re both in great hands Mayo and gods! Love you both very much! See you tomorrow, can’t wait!

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