Opening Disclaimer : No matter what, and it was most definitely very stressful,

This entire episode was far, FAR better, this pales-in-comparison with breaking one’s hip on the far side of the world.

As difficult as it is for me to wrap-my-mind-around the below fact :

One of you may be interested enough to want a more full explanation of what happened last Wednesday morning out at the Visitor’s Center at the White Sands National Monument.

So here we go loop-de-loop. You have not seen any of the below photos.

Last Wednesday morning, the 19th of April, Patti and I got up early, and headed West out of Alamogordo New Mexico on US 70 bound for the White Sands National Monument.

From our Motel 6 ..

It is a very short, 14-1/2 mile, 25-minute going slowly drive.

The White Sands National Monument.

The Visitor’s Center blends in perfectly with the environment.

A fact-of-life out in the deserts of the U.S. Southwest.

“Well Patti, Well My Dear One, let’s you and I take a drive out into the dunes!”

As I put the key into the ignition of our truck ..

For the very first time ever EVER ever! Black Beauty simply was not able to start. He tried and he tried and said ..

“Dad Oh Dad! I am not getting any gasoline. Dad I just am not able to ‘fire’ off!”

Without running the battery down further, I called my insurance company and asked for Roadside Assistance.

Do you want some luck. I mean do you want some very VERY good luck?!?

We were in-luck!

First, we were in a safe place and a well-known place, the parking lot of the White Sands National Monument. Second, it was early in the day, about 8:35am, and the towing company was able to dispatch a serious, heavy-duty, tow truck basically immediately.

I was stunned. I was absolutely STUNNED at how good our 22-year old operator was. He said he began driving at age 8-years and has grown-up in the towing business.

He went to work and I mean HE WENT TO WORK!

“Dad Oh Dad? Where are we going Dad?”

“Black Beauty, we are taking you into Alamogordo and getting you fixed.”

“Patti My Dear One? Are you ready to rock-and-roll with us?”

“I sure am Captain. I have never ever ridden in a big rig like this!”

Here we go loop de loop. Here we go loop de li.

On our way into Alamogordo, Wyatt, our operator said to me ..

“Right now, I have six (6) people in-line waiting for me.”

“We are here Black Beauty. It sure looks like a great dealership here in Alamogordo Black Beauty.”

Desert Sun Motors.

Located right on the main-drag, right on the main-street, of Alamogordo New Mexico, White Sands Boulevard.

“Our ride is over Black Beauty. Time for you to get down.”

As I said goodbye to Wyatt, he said ..

“Now I have eleven (11) people in-line waiting for me!”

So, at about 11am, last Wednesday the 19th of April, we were in the dealership and ready-to-go.

At about 2pm last Wednesday afternoon I was told ..

“Sir, we have analyzed your truck. You need a new fuel-pump. We do not have one in stock and so we have ordered it. We hope to have it by Friday the 21st and have you back on the road next Monday the 24th.”

“Do you want to rent-a-car?”

“No, not yet. I will wait until tomorrow to decide on that.”

“Yes Sir! We have a very nice waiting area that you can relax in.”

“Oh My Goodness! You were NOT kidding me about a nice waiting room!”

“You WHAT? You have first-rate, first-class, super-fast WiFi?”

Wednesday afternoon I set-up-shop in their waiting room.

I sat in a very comfortable chair below and my lap-top sat on the luxurious leg-stool.

Wednesday afternoon and all day yesterday (Thursday) I worked to finish and to publish my SKI DUBAI Post. This gave Patti a lot of space to just relax and un-lax in our lovely Motel 6 room.

Late Wednesday my service advisor Becky quietly said to me ..

“We may, there is a chance, we will have the fuel-pump tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon.”

They did. They went right-to-work late Thursday afternoon.

This morning Becky called me about 10am and said ..

“We have the shuttle heading out to Motel 6 to pick-you-up. Your truck is ready-to-go!”

“Sir! Your bill is only nine hundred fifty six dollars and sixty seven cents ($957.67).”

Oh My Goodness! Knock-Me-Over! Talk about me, your very own Captain, being the luckiest man alive!

It is, after all, in the final analysis, only money!

And? The Dinkey Bird IS Singing In The Amfalula Tree Captain.

Still Smiling,

Cap and (I hope) Patti is smiling also.

“Cap! I’m not talking while the flavor lasts!” / Sign Me / Patti