No!  This is not going to be a pretty, colorful, Post.

“Then give us just a photo-or-two Captain! Basically we want pretty pictures Captain.”

OK!  Before I get into the grim-medical-stuff, I wanted you to see what will be coming in the ‘near’ future.

“Atta Boy Captain! Give your followers here a little glimmer of hope.”

There you have what you were looking-for. A few very pretty pictures. Back to reality.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

That great Neil Diamond song, Hello Again Hello, is ruminating in my mind as I sit down here at the keys in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Well? Hello Again Hello. Once upon a time, I was putting up Posts daily and for some weeks at a time. So I have the ability to do just that.

Then came the DRAMA of breaking my left hip and my website activity came to a somewhat sudden, if not a total screeching halt, a greatly diminished production. My Google Blogspot website,, really took a hit : December, 2 Posts: January, just 1 Post: February, 2 Posts: March, 5 Posts: April, 4 Posts: Even ‘Zilla stopped checking in on a daily basis.

The reason for this Post is to share, with those of you who care, how I am doing.

First, as you can see, I am getting back to my website activities.

A.A. and other 12-step programs of recovery work because those talking to you and trying to assist you, HAVE ACTUAL PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. They are not lecturing / preaching to you out of some text-book. 

I now am fully qualified to speak to someone who has just had a hip replacement operation about the recovery process BECAUSE I now know from my personal experience what-I-am-talking-about!

I penned, in a personal note to ‘Zilla, my buddy and friend of some forty two (42) years-and-counting, the (or words to the effect of the) following:

I wish that  my medical team at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, would have, first gotten my attention. How they were to have gotten my attention? I haven’t a clue. Slapped my face. Head butted me. Tossed cold water into my face. Put a hammer-lock on my right arm up behind my back. Done whatever it would have taken to get me fully present and in-the-moment.

Then, having successfully gotten my attention, having gotten me into-the-now, quietly said to me:

“Cap, this recovery process you are now beginning in order to recover from you hip replacement surgery will possibly be, up to a six (6) month process. It will be a process and NOT an event. You will not suddenly feel better. NO! It will be slow and a somewhat demanding process. And we are NOT, NOT, NOT talking about your hip. THAT is already (a one week process) done and over with. No pain and the x-rays show all is good-to-go.

We are talking about psychological processes within your brain. We are talking about the fact that, you may experience a level of fatigue you have never before in your life experienced. You very well may experience a mild depression.

And you probably will never again be quite the 100% you are used to feeling. Let’s say the best you can expect to be is 85% of normal.”

I wish they would have given me some counseling about the side-effects of Xeralto the blood thinner prescribed for my lung blood clots. I am now convinced the Xarelto really came with some bothersome, if very subtle, side-effects.

But,  even-if-they-had given me some counseling, I still would have had to live-with the side-effects. Little do Doctors know that patients just stop-taking-medications because they are not willing to live-with certain side-effects.

Sometime in the past several weeks I seem to have, Phoenix-like, finally arisen from the ashes of the drama of the broken left hip.

And yet, at the very VERY  best, I feel about 85% of what I feel is normal for me.

Now here is Today’s Rhetorical Question :

Will 85% be enough stamina to allow me to return to Hong Kong and Mongolia?

How-about-that Sports Fans?

And all that means is, now on my own with Patti up in Alaska doing some of her own recovery from the past 5 months together, I seem capable of getting through my day(s) with some semblance of normality.

“Captain! Just press TRASH and make this mess disappear.”

Nope. I AM going to press publish after I sign off.

/Signing Off/ .. Cap

Now here we go .. Publish

10 thoughts on “MAY 10, 17 .. HELLO AGAIN HELLO ..

  1. z

    Wednesday, May 10, 2017 – 2:30 pm
    Hi Cap,
    As you know I went through a long recovery, say 6 months (plus another12 months) for my shoulder to heal from the torn tendon! For sure it can’t be rushed as healing just takes time. The above time frame I noted includes – after a period of healing daily excercises for over 6 months! I am happy to say my shoulder is about 95 % healed. A second interesting item to note, as we have discussed the leg injury to our “MommaCat” which you are familiar with. Her leg injury was very severe. However she is going through a very similar recovery period as yours!

    The only way we could/can provide the healing process for her is to keep her in a very large cage which has been ongoing for over 3 1/2 months – a long time – but it’s working and her healing is going good. Her cage is set up in our house and Claudia is providing “First class care”, nothing but the best for her! Now keep in mind she is a ferel kitty! We may have to keep in “current” living quarters for another 30 days +.

    My point, any severe injury such as yours; and our four-legged kittie requires a recovery period and just takes time, no rushing and you can only do so much! Claudia and I are very happy you are doing great, and you are feeling much better since you are not taking the blood thinner medicine! Super nifty, keep up your recovery, it gets better every day!!


    1. cap chastain

      A broken hip is like a ‘walk in the park on a sunny Spring day’ when compared to your rotator cuff injury ‘Zilla. I could, and I did, from day 1, sleep well and soundly. You played ‘holy hell’ sitting up in the chair in your living room. I had no, absolutely zero, physical therapy. Doctor said, “Walk. Walk. Then walk some more.”

      Good news on Momma Cat.

      I will be-in-touch. Smiles .. Cap

  2. patricia boone

    I DO recall the Mayo surgeon and his PA both telling you this is a 6-month to one year healing process. I suspect you did not “want” to hear that! I have witnessed you feeling better progressively from the surgery and feeling a positive difference gradually once you were off the blood thinner. Without a doubt, your mind moves faster than your healing process! Hopefully, you can give your body a chance to catch up with your mind. Supporting you 100% from afar!! Love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      You said it. When I finished the Xarelto regimen then things began to get better almost right away. The journey however is certainly not over. Thanks for your support beginning last November 24th, 2016, right up to this very day today. Love You My Dear One .. Cap

  3. Jeanne Follett

    Well, if 85% is the new reality, then 85% it shall be. Better than nothing, plus you have a goal of 100% to work for. Don’t think you have the stamina for HGK and UB? Then take it at the stamina you DO have.

    1. cap chastain

      I am what I am going to be. I don’t think one can work for being back at 100% because of the aging process. IF I had been 100%, I probably would not have fallen in Dubai. It is pretty much of a downhill movement. I am happy with 85% IF indeed I am at 85%. I seem to be moving pretty slowly. Thanks. Cap

      1. Jeanne Follett

        SO…. I was picking up litter yesterday and noticed my boot had come untied. I was only about a hundred yards from my truck and thought I’d just mosey on and tie the boot when I reached the truck. Then I thought about you tripping over your shoelaces, so I stopped and tied the boot. Nobody else would clean up this highway if I got hurt.

        1. Cap Chastain Post author

          WOW! WOWIE! I am indeed ‘ touched ‘ when I see that my falling in the Dubai Airport and breaking my hip because of an un-tied shoe lace assisted you in a positive way. It would be so sad for you to have been beside the highway with a serious injury from a fall. Who knows what could / would have happened. Thanks for sharing this. Cap

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