This upcoming Thursday the 18th, I plan to leave Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM), drive North to Taos, NM, and following a short visit in Taos, then drive Northeast to Trinidad, Colorado (CO).



“Why, of all places, Trinidad, CO, Captain?”

“The time has come to leave New Mexico. I want to visit Taos, NM, en route Northeast and I do not want a long, hard drive. The drive is approximately 190-miles so should be an easy 5-hour drive.”

Yesterday I checked-out of the Super 8 Motel here in Santa Fe.

“Why leave the Super 8?” .. “I wanted a change and I saved some money.”

Leaving the Super 8, I drove straight up Cerrillos Road a few blocks ..

To my new ‘digs’ at the Days Inn.

It is a very nice property.

Did I, just now, up above, say it is a very nice property?!

Luckily I am on the outside and my room is next to my parking place. I need close-in rooms and not scenic-view rooms.

All of the amenities.

I watched the Golden State Warriors come from 25-points behind to beat the San Antonio Spurs in game 1 of the NBA Western Conference Finals. Historically, when the Spurs have had a lead of 25-points or more in a game, they were 316 wins to 0 (zero) losses!

Then, after the game, I went out for dinner up Cerrillos Road to Dion’s.

Patti, I snapped the below photo just-for-you, and for all who love to read.

In the very lower right above, do you see .. Dion’s CLUB READ Isotopes}

You order and pick-up your meal at the below counter.

My Greek Salad was enormous!

Oh My, Oh My, it was one great salad.

Sunset, Sunday the 14th of May, from Dion’s Restaurant in Santa Fe, NM.

Well? That-Is-That for my Sunday the 14th of May.

Today, May the 15th, I am returning to Los Alamos, NM, for my second visit.



Smiles, Cap

3 thoughts on “MAY 15, 17 .. A LITTLE OF THIS .. A LITTLE OF THAT ..

  1. Patti Boone

    I DO remember seeing Dion’s along the road. The salad looks huge and delicious! Nice that Dion’s is supporting Club Read for the kids … GREAT!! Your latest motel room looks very comfortable. Nice sunset picture for a pleasant ending!!!

    Smiles and love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      I was pretty sure you would kind-of sort-remember Dion’s. Happy you liked the Book Club Poster photo. I liked the sunset so snapped a photo. My ‘digs’ here are nice. Much Love .. Cap

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