Well Now !!

IF you have been actively ‘following along here’, you know that I have a very nice motel here in Pueblo, Colorado.

Your Captain’s Chair!

And ?

IF you have been actively ‘following along here’, you know that I have a very nice Japanese Restaurant right next door to my great motel here in Pueblo, Colorado.

And ?

IF you have been actively ‘following along here’, you know that I love, crave, and that I am, I believe, actually ‘addicted-to’ .. taa-daa ..


Here in Pueblo, they call this dish simply Singapore Noodles and leave out the word Rice.

So out and off goes Gimme-Some-Roy, to the land that knows no time, Up a trail no man could conquer, to a cliff no man could climb.

The above excerpt is taken from the poem, The Search For The Perfect High. This ( warning ) is an adult poem that was written by Shel Silverstein after his brother’s death. Calling this poem “eye opening” would be a vast understatement to say the least.

So out and off goes Your Captain, to the land (Colorado) that knows no time, Up a trail (in Pueblo) no man could conquer, to a cliff (finding Singapore Rice Noodles) no man could climb.

All In Search For Singapore (Rice) Noodles.

A quick aside here.

Oh Captain? When have you ever had a ‘quick’ aside?

Oh Just Hush Up My Mind!

I have a wonderful friend, Chad 45039, who, some long years ago, I think it was in 2009, while Patti and I were visiting Chad / Family, in his home, at my plea / humble request ..

(Chad Oh Chad! Computer Wizard! Internet Guru! Chad will you please teach me how to copy / paste on a computer?)

Chad, bless him, took me by-the-hand and led me over to his computer and showed me how to do copy / paste. I even took intricate-and-exact-precise notes on how-to-do this most difficult and complicated and complex computer manoeuvre (I love the British spelling) called copy / paste.

What a gift you gave me Chad. I just used it several times up above.

Thank You My Man Chad.

Where was I? Where was I going with this? Got it!

Maude you’d better call the Boys and pick up Captain, he is a tad manic.

The name Maude is a German baby name. In German the meaning of the name Maude is: Strength in battle. Maude is also short for Matilda who was the wife of William the Conqueror. Used in Australia as slang for a bushman’s pack.

That I have slipped into a manic-episode here is not all bad news. It is great to feel the incredible manic surge-of-energy that was totally and completely and 100% missing and gone (I thought forever and ever) after I fell and broke my left hip last November the 25th, 2016, in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates, International Airport.

Man Oh Manischewitz it is so very good-to-be-back. I’ll take manic.

As Patti knows, I am carefully monitoring this manic episode. I am eating very well, drinking copious amounts of healthy (Ensure / water ) liquids, and sleeping, for-the-most-part, very well. I say, for-the-most-part, because I was up most-of-the-night Sunday / Monday.

I absolutely need this manic energy in order to pull-off my upcoming trip back to Hong Kong and up to Mongolia.

Are you with-me on this ‘Zilla?

Just knowing, just acknowledging-to-myself that I am in a manic episode and that I need to watch-it, is a great victory

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

So out and off goes Your Captain, In Search For Singapore (Rice) Noodles here in Pueblo, Colorado.

Onto tripadvisor I go in search for Singapore (Rice) Noodles.

By The Way (BTW), IF you do click the below link, on tripadvisor, I am kanbaatar. IF you do click on the link, click on the thumbs-up icon .. that says ..

Helpful?  Thank kanbaatar ..

That you will see at the bottom of my tripadvisor Post.

Then, sorry-to-say, you have to start all over to come back to this Post from your bookmark. I wish I had a work-around to save you this aggravation but, at present, I don’t.




My motel is the lower left red balloon. The China Moon is the upper right red balloon.



Below you can see The China Moon up close and personal!



The China Moon is a nondescript restaurant in a small and nondescript mall.

As you enter, you see the below scene.

Rather sad-to-see, empty.

The China Moon has a magnificent buffet.

Spic and span and just phenomenal.

At first I mistook the flowers at the top for salad greens!!

I was here for Singapore (Rice) Noodles NOT the buffet!

Who-but-your-Captain would (1) dutifully take his dinner outdoors, (2) set his dinner on the sidewalk and (3) photograph his dinner in natural daylight to get good photos?

Listen up!

This Singapore (Rice) Noodle dish equals the absolute best that I have ever eaten anywhere in the world beginning with Hong Kong, China.

“WHAT? Did you just say Captain?”  /sign me / Miss Hong Kong!

Who else but your Captain would walk back into the kitchen to congratulate the cook on his preparation. I showed him my licked-clean platter.

He smiled from ear-to-ear.



My motel is the lower left red balloon. Kuan’s Kitchen is the upper red balloon. The China Moon is the center red balloon.



Below you can see Kuan’s Kitchen up close and very personal.

Don’t you just love that Kuan’s Kitchen is on Desert Flower Blvd?



Everyone together : Thank You Webmaster Andrej for your maps!


Kuan’s Kitchen offers drive-through service.

You place your order at the below order counter.

You pick your table and, when it is ready, they bring your dinner to your table.

I sat in the far corner below.

Oh .. My .. Goodness ..

“Miss Pueblo, Colorado?”

“Yes My Captain? I am at-your-service!”

“Miss Pueblo I may move here!”

“WHAT? Did you just tell her Captain?”  /sign me / Miss Hong Kong!

Oh My Goodness .. (Don’t say it Captain) ..

I am living in Heaven here in Pueblo, Colorado. (Good work-around Captain)

Smiling ..


Now I am planning to go over to blogspot and put up a Post about the White Sands National Monument, located just West of Alamogordo, New Mexico.

BTW, a little manic is not all bad. BUT, after publishing this Post, I am going to lay down for a nap and just chill out a little. I have absolutely no interest, nor intention, to ‘feed-the-mania’.


I just now found (the front office here at the Santa Fe Inn had its menu) another Chinese Restaurant, Chong’s Cafe on North Main Street here in Pueblo, that serves Singapore Noodles.

Should I pull this Post down off the internet and add this new restaurant to this Post?

See (in the below photo) here in Pueblo they do not use the word rice, just Singapore Noodles and, in fine print below Singapore Noodles, they add Rice Noodle.

Leave this Post alone Captain. Take the nap you promised. You are getting too wound-up Captain.

Good advice! I think that I will follow my own good advice. 

I will do Chong’s Cafe for dinner later this afternoon.


  1. patricia boone

    I feel like I have over-eaten just reading this post! I know, however, you are in SRN (Singapore Rice Noodle) heaven in, of all places, Pueblo, Colorado. Watch that acceleration … be mindful of overdrive. Just sayin’ … Love, Patti

  2. Michael d.

    Great to see you enjoying your spiritual journey. It warms my heart to know you treat your mental condition with an abundance of travel, new people, favorite foods and endless journaling (sp?). It is a passion and a discipline of which has kept you ‘true to thine ownself’ for a lifetime. Good to see you on the road of happy destiny. Take care, my dear friend. I clutch the AA token you gifted me with and reflect fondly on our times together.
    Love ya, Michael

    1. cap chastain

      Happy you like that most special, hand-crafted, wooden sobriety chip. THAT warms my heart Michael DeG. Both Patti and I think with great happiness of our visit with you back in mid-March and visiting your lovely home. Smiles from myself and Patti .. Cap

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