MAY 25, 17 .. THE BEAUTIFUL, MANIC-MIND .. Said Smiling!

” ‘Zilla, Ol’ Buddy Ol’ Pal, what do you see in the photo below?”

“Cap, I see an empty, Costco, KIRKLAND brand, plastic jar that used to hold Mixed Nuts.” / ‘Zilla /

” Very good ‘Zilla. I can always count upon you for your keen insights and seldom-miss accurate observations.”

“In the below photo ‘Zilla?”

” The jar has a lid and the lid is now beside the jar.” / ‘Zilla /

“A close-up photo of the jar’s lid.” / ‘Zilla /

“Each day I enjoy my breakfast as you see it laid out below.” / Your Captain /

“I, your Captain, am prone to make messes. I am prone to tip over unstable jars full of Ensure drink and make big-time messes!”


“I decided to use the above, Costco Mixed Nuts jar-lid, as a more stable platform to set my drink upon.”

So the beautiful, manic-mind, can, and often does, come up with creative solutions.

“Captain! Instead of having a grand-mess to clean-up, let’s just prevent the mess from happening.” / sign me / Your manic-mind.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

“Died and went to Heaven.” .. “Maybe God won’t be able to read this small print.” .. “God is worried about my use of this term .. Died and went to Heaven .. becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy.”

I like, no, I love LOVE *, Tunafish sandwiches.

* Signapore (Rice) Noodles too.

On tripadvisor I spied the following sandwich shop. Google Maps showed that is located an easy 2-block walk from my hotel.

Patti ! After you go to the below link just hit the go-back arrow in the upper left corner of your screen and you will return to this Post.

“Patti, My Dear One, IF you click onto the above link will you give a thumbs-up on my tripadvisor Post?” If there is already one click, click it again for two thumbs up.

So out and off to Schlep’s Sandwiches went your Captain, yesterday afternoon after a nice, 2-hour, nap.

Odd name huh? Schlep’s.

I wonder IF they will schlep me a tuna sandwich?

Really nice ambiance. 1950’s music playing softly in the background.

OUT OUT OUTSTANDING Tuna-on-sourdough with potato salad !

My Tuna-on-sourdough with potato salad was as-good-as-it-gets!

“Can you believe it ‘Zilla? I mean, can you believe it?”

Just yesterday ‘Zilla left me the below comment to my Post.

A comment noted in regard to the empty seats in the restaurant. It seems to me that all (most) of your recent photos in restaurants are mostly empty? Is it because of the time of day you take your pictures?


Look at the above photo shown below again ..

Yep, I was all alone in Schlep’s Sandwiches.

Go Figure!

Go Figure Captain! IF you don’t stop all of this messing-around you will never finish your blogspot Post showing White Sands National Monument!

Good Point my manic-mind.

Signing Off as .. Your Captain.

3 thoughts on “MAY 25, 17 .. THE BEAUTIFUL, MANIC-MIND .. Said Smiling!

  1. patricia boone

    Schlep’s puts out a very appealing sandwich/potato salad/pickle basket! I, too, was touched and concerned about there being no other customers in the establishment. Maybe your Trip Adviser post will being someone else in … Smiles and love. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      ‘Zilla sure noticed the fact that in many of my restaurant reviews there are no other visitors when I eat there. It would be nice IF my review, in some tangible way helped Schlep’s. Love, Cap

  2. Tom

    Hi Cap. Just catching up. took Ginny to Grand Canyon yest. As always, amazing beauty. Not sure yet on rest of trip schedule,which is a good thing. It is nice to be on the move ! Via con Dios amigo! Tom E.

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