I am not living my life like some mad-man, dashing hither and yon, from place to place, frantically racing around helter skelter and out of control.

Each and every single re-location takes time and energy, time and energy that I don’t have all that much of.

For this reason, the conservation of my time and of my energy, I tend to like to settle-down in a place. I sit here in Pueblo, Colorado, so far very happy and very pleased with all aspects of Pueblo. I am getting things done in preparation for my upcoming trip to Hong Kong and Mongolia.

Make no mistake, witness my one single night in Trinidad, Colorado ..

If a location is not ‘working for me’, then I move on and I move on smartly!

Then again, a location can, and often is, working for me and some inner voice tells me that it’s time to move on from Scottsdale, Victorville, Lompoc, Flagstaff, Alamogordo and Santa Fe, major stays for Patti and for me.

I certainly could have settled in Roswell, New Mexico. The two of us did not stay longer because time was of the essence with Patti leaving last May 3rd and our trip to New Mexico would have been incomplete without Patti seeing Santa Fe and Taos.

So my stay here in Pueblo is right straight down the middle of the road for me. I have been here two weeks and counting.

Now I get-to-the-point. This is NOT just FUN AND GAMES for me. This stint alone is hard ball. Can I stand my ground in the batters-box with a vicious and mean fast ball coming at my head high and hard.

Before I head off for Hong Kong and for Mongolia, I need to know that I can fully take care of myself and fully function 100% on my own here in the United States. Day before yesterday I very nearly went to an Urgent Care Facility because I went to bed feeling great and woke up with my right knee SWOLLEN AND KILLING ME WITH PAIN.

I had to deal with this crisis 100% totally without any outside assistance.

And? I did just that, took care of things, made a decision, and I survived. I must have the ability to function fully in a crisis IF I am to survive in Asia a long way from home.


I may be looking at leaving Pueblo early next week.


Does even the Shadow Know?

Smiling from ear to ear.



  1. patricia boone

    I well know how much time and energy it takes to get into and then out of each motel room. For me, it was a matter of staying out of your way as I generally had one canvas bag and one carry-on bag carried into and out of each room. You took in and then out all the rest, your backpack, 3 (or so) suitcases, boxes of food and items you had taken out of larger suitcases left in the truck, etc. BIG job each time for you. Thus, we generally ‘settled’ each time for days and sometimes weeks at a time. I can well understand your settling into your room in Pueblo … it is large, has (usually) good internet, fridge, microwave, easy chair with ottoman, large bathroom counter, etc, etc. You DO say in this post you will be moving on at the first of the week. On your Travel page you say you are leaving Sunday morning. These may be one and the same. I AM concerned about your knee but am grateful that it has calmed down. I am only a plane ride away if you need help … Love, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      As I sit here, on Friday evening, the 2nd of June, I feel the time has come to begin (on Sunday / Monday ??) to head generally North up I-25 and then East for Royal Oak, Michigan, with a stop in Colorado Springs. Yes the knee has recovered from whatever happened during my sleep Tuesday Night the 27th of May. I went to bed feeling good and woke up in crisis! Life is not always fair.

      Much Love, Cap

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