JUN 6, 17 .. PART 2 of 3 .. JULESBURG, COLORADO .. WHERE??

Yesterday, I left Pueblo, heading North to Colorado Springs, to stay three (3) nights. I had a paid-in-full, non-refundable, Priceline guaranteed room, in Colorado Springs.

The drive was a scant 45-miles or less.

En route to Colorado Springs, I promised you all yesterday that I would ‘check-out’ Wigwam, Colorado.



Now please get-with-me here. I am only going to say this one time.

1. I did NOT forget, en route North on I-25 to Colorado Springs, that I was going to look for Wigwam.

2. Each and every single mile of the way, I obsessively and I compulsively, kept looking at each and at every single road sign for Wigwam.

3. I never ever, not one single time, saw any indication that Wigwam exists.

4. That-is-that for Wigwam, Colorado.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I got into Colorado Springs right at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. I had a bit of an issue finding my motel / hotel, Crossland Economy Studios – Colorado Springs Airport.

There was a line of visitors (I was 4th in line) waiting to check-in. I had to wait somewhat of an inordinate length of time (15-minutes) to get to the check-in lady, my third Melissa in my last two motel stays.

I had :

Called ahead yesterday morning to successfully confirm my Priceline guaranteed room.

I gave Melissa my name and handed her my drivers license.

“Sir. We don’t have a room for you. We are overbooked today.”

I Beg Your Pardon.

Can It / Can This Possibly Be.

What did you just say Melissa?

I repeated that she and I had spoken earlier. That my Priceline guaranteed room was paid-for-in-full.

“I am sorry Sir. I will give you a letter explaining this. YOU will have to contact Priceline to get your money refunded.”

She did (gave me a letter just-like snap-your-fingers-quick!).

In 20-20 hindsight today, I now realize, because she was so quick to give me a letter (she pressed a key on her computer and a letter instantly appeared in her printer) that this is a common occurrence at this property!

So what to do? I decided right-away to head North and East and get out of Colorado Springs.

I left the motel, found a Subway Sandwich Shop, ate a foot-long, talked a few more than several times with Patti, and re-grouped.

Monday. Subway’s Special Footlong Deal. $6 for a Chicken Teriyaki Footlong.

I had two choices. North into Denver and East on I-76. East to Limon and North on HWY 71 to Brush.



With Patti on-board with me, I / we decided to go North on I-25 into Denver. Then connect in Denver with I-76 and head North and East into Nebraska and connect with I-80 East.

Patti My Dear One, I learned this morning, here at the Colorado Welcome Center in Julesburg, unless you have a reason to go into Denver, the only thing to do is to avoid Denver at all costs. East through Limon is the professionally approved route to avoid Denver.

In Denver, I went right past the stadium where the Denver Broncos play football.

In Hudson, Colorado, at a Carl’s Junior, I got on-line, had a chat-session with Priceline, and got my refund taken care of.

I got to Crook, Colorado, late last night and I called-it-a (long) day.



Through it all I kept smiling. Cap

Now, IF you are interested in further details of this adventure, scroll down or click below on Previous to read about Crook (Part 3 of 3), Colorado.

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