Whew. My heart is beating and racing, and my lungs are breathing shallowly and I am filled-to-the-brim with anxiety about the fact that, 3-days from right now this instant, I will be airborne for Hong Kong, China.

Get a life huh? It is not like I have never ever done this. THIS is what I do. Odds are 80% of all humans would not make this trip feeling as I now feel. Gee it sure would be easy to just sit here and vegetate. THAT I do NOT do. Vegetate.

God, along with Mongolian Airlines, apparently does / do NOT want me to book my flight from Hong Kong to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, until I am boots-on-the-ground in Hong Kong.

Translation: For the life-of-me, I cannot get a flight booked on the internet. Mongolian Airlines is not recognizing me, my mileage plan membership, and I simply can’t get a flight booked. I have tried as a total stranger. The website is malfunctioning.

Simon once said .. I shan’t repeat what Simon once said about Mongolian Airlines ..

I know I can book a flight North when I am in Hong Kong. I can go to an office in Hong Kong if worse comes to worse. I could also make a telephone call over there to Mongolia and book a flight and I am thinking about doing so..

BUT ..

When something like this comes up, I tend to pause, backoff, and let time take its course.

After all, I am in absolutely no rush at all.

After all, Hong Kong is just one (1) flight from the United States. Mongolia is two flights away.

If I am in Russia? You can’t get from where I am trying to go in Southern Siberia back to the United States without going by road or train back to Mongolia.

It looks close in the above map. Translation : 3 to 4 difficult days back to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

So if I get to Hong Kong and the wheels-fall-off..

(Translation : I implode or I explode both looming as extremely possible )

I can get dressed, grab my passport and wallet, and leave everything else in Hong Kong and fly back to the United States.

I just put up a Post on blogspot.


Smiling. I wish I was kidding around here but I am not. Cap

Are you really going to publish this Captain?

4 thoughts on “JUL 3, 17 .. THE CLOCK KEEPS TICKING ..

  1. patricia boone

    My heart was beating a bit faster and my breathing was somewhat anxious reading this post. Fortunately, we had talked after you posted it and before I read it … and you told me to be ready for a “not entirely positive post”. Well, it has me wringing my hands more, and it has me actually holding my breath occasionally thinking about what you are about to do. I can only pray for your safety and health. Everything else is out of my hands … entirely. Sigh. Love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Tuesday, 6.35am, the 4th of July. NOTHING like a really good, solid, restful 9-hour sleep to put everything back into proper perspective My Dear One. I knew when I wrote the Post I was exhausted. I knew this for certain. At the same time I felt I needed to, and I actually wanted to, publish a Post. All of this being written, yes indeed it is going to be somewhat of a stretch to pull this off. And yes indeed, I want to, and I feel I need to, pull it off. Much Love. Cap

  2. z

    Tuesday, July 4, 2017 – noon
    Hi Cap,
    Happy 4th of July 2017 and only 2 days before you depart on your journey to HK and Mongolia! You will have a great time as you love to travel, visit, and see your friends and enjoy your special “noodles” plus all the other good eats! Ha, don’t worry or fret as you have made this trip on numerous occasions and know the route like the back of your hand! Always think of the positive, food, noodles, friends, visits, happy travels and I am sure you have plans to hit Russia on this trip! All very exciting!! Celebrate as you will be on that happy flight to SEA, HK in less than 48 hours and you can relax and enjoy the flights, eat, watch the movies, sleep – and smile all the way! Have a great trip, bon voyage!!

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