Having arrived safely here in the greater Hong Kong Metro Area at around 8pm last Friday evening the 7th of July, I am now in Day 2 of my visit.

Poor Kowloon. It gets no respect when compared to the Hong Kong Metro Area. Kowloon is actually a large metro area (upper red balloon) of its own located on the Kowloon Peninsula of the mainland of China. Kowloon has many districts. But the world in general calls the entire area Hong Kong.

When here in the Hong Kong Metro Area, I generally make my Kowloon home at the YMCA (lower red balloon) located in the Tsim Sha Tsui District (upper red balloon) that is also called TST for short.

Man O Manischewitz I LOVE IT HERE.

In the German language, sometimes they link a string of words together to form one long word.

This sums up the weather here :


What’s that ‘Zilla?  hot muggy sauna with monsoon rains and 100%humidity.

I walk outside from my air conditioned room and I say the following mantra as I begin to feel the sweat running down my sides :

“I am loving it here. There is no place on this entire earth that I would rather be than here in Hong Kong in July.”

“How about Mongolia Captain?”

Right now Mongolia is looking like my next mantra :

“I am loving it here! There is no place on this entire earth that I would rather be than here in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.”

Makes no sense Captain!

I spent a lot of time yesterday going to meetings and hanging out with Nicky and Steve.

Today I went to a 10:30am morning meeting and am now hanging out (literally as I pen these words) with Grant and his wife Keller. Grant and Keller are having their small dog bathed and getting a trim having parked me here at the Aberdeen (lower red balloon) Library. Do you all see TST (upper red balloon)?


The Hong Kong Aberdeen District Library is inside of this building.

How have I gotten here? By just doing it. By just sitting down here at the Aberdeen Library at a computer and beginning to write while Grant and Keller enjoy themselves. Guess what we three are going to eat for Sunday dinner in a few hours? Hint. See the below map.

A photo or two of dinner.

Never, never ever, in my life (that I can remember) have I eaten in a Chinese Restaurant this large.

Front, and in the center below, is MY FAVORITE Chinese meal. Singapore Rice Noodles.

Center row, right side below, Singapore Rice Noodles.

Man O Manischewitz! I love the Kowloon TST to Hong Kong Central Star Ferry rides when I am here. The three red balloons on the left side of the below map show you its route. The three red balloons on the right side of the below map point out the Kowloon TST to Hong Kong Wan Chai Star Ferry route.

Today’s Rhetorical Question : What have the following in common.

African animals.



The Taj Mahal.

Hong Kong Star Ferries.

Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor.

Answer : You can’t take enough photos of them. They all demand ‘just one more photo’.


A few random photos of the Aberdeen District in the Greater Hong Kong Metro Area.

Have any of you heard that there is some ‘big’ money here in Hong Kong. Just hanging out on the street.

Aberdeen has a most interesting boat harbor.

Riding in a small sampan.

There is a lot of greenery in Hong Kong.

“Lord God of Abraham, Creator of Heaven and Earth, I do humbly give thee thanks for the blessings you have showered down upon me.”

Sign Me .. Your Little Captain.

4 thoughts on “JUL 9, 17 .. KOWLOON / HONG KONG

  1. patricia boone

    Everything looks SO, SO familiar! The only unappealing part is when you say you are dripping wet in the humidity and heat the minute you walked out of the door!! Love you loving being there. Hugs. Patti

  2. Catherine

    Oh beautiful Miss Hong Kong, and certainly lovely Kowloon. I stayed at the Sheraton on the otherside of The Peninsula. I just love that the YMCA is in that row right along the harbour. I love watching the young couples come out of the marriage office and take their photos there at the harbour, so much of life ahead of them. Love the Star Ferry! Enjoy those noodles you have worked so hard to get to! I know you will enjoy it all. Fondly, Kitty

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Kitty I never thought that I would ever again feel as good and I am feeling right now. I know the Sheraton well. I used to catch the Airport Express Bus in front of the Sheraton (When I used to take the bus to the Airport Express Train terminal). So nice to see you following along here. Smiles, Cap

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