Happy’s desk top is still unable to access the internet.

I am with Changer.

So this is it for now.

Even IF I had my own laptop with me, I would still be dead-in-the-water without an Internet Service Provider.

So tomorrow I hope to go back to the library..

See you all tomorrow I hope.

Smiling (what else to do?)


4 thoughts on “JUL 23, 17 .. USING CHANGER’S LAPTOP

  1. patricia boone

    Nice you were able to get online at Changer’s. It is now Monday in Ulaanbaatar, so maybe you will go back to the library. Also, I think Happy (your landlord) comes back today and maybe he can get the internet going in your room. Fingers crossed … hugs. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I failed to get to the library on time (I walked in at 4:35pm and they close at 5pm) and the matron would not let me sign in for even five minutes. Long LONG story short, Happy worked with the Internet Service Provider for several hours and finally about 9:25pm this Monday evening I was able to get online. Thanks for your fingers being crossed. Love .. Cap

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Gullible, Changer would reply but .. Alas Alak .. Changer does NOT follow my website on anything approaching a regular basis. I think it was in March of 2017 when he realized that on November 25th 2016 something had happened to me in Dubai.

      Smiling as I write this reply because .. Changer can DO NO WRONG in my book. Cap

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