Today, after almost two (2) full years  of hoping, planning, wishing, praying and dreaming about going into Russian Siberia, everything ‘suddenly’ fell into place.

Next Thursday, the 3rd of August, by automobile, with friends, I will travel North from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, cross the border into Southern Siberia, and visit Ulan-Ude.



My friends and I will return to Ulaanbaatar on August 8th.

On Friday, August the 18th, I plan to purchase tickets tomorrow the 27th of July, another friend and I will travel by train from Ulaanbaatar, across the border into Southern Siberia and visit Irkutsk.



This, my good friends, is a fifty four (54) hour train ride!*

*We booked a different train on July 27th. It is a new, deluxe, express train, that takes a mere 23+ hours to make the trip.

Many details are involved, far too many to discuss here, but suffice it to say it looks like these two trips are going to take place, God Willing.

More to follow.


3 thoughts on “JUL 26, 17 .. MY UPCOMING TRIP(s) INTO RUSSIAN SIBERIA .. PT 1/2

  1. patricia boone

    Am very excited for you. I know how much you have wanted to get into Siberia and how much the contacts there have been wanting you to come. Hurray!!! Love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Thank You. After two full years ‘suddenly’ it all came together! Amazing! YOU were with me as these pieces ‘suddenly’ fell into a completed puzzle. Love Cap

  2. Tom E.

    Cap, Tom here.Looking out the window onto Eleven Mile Road. Glad things are going well for you, careful on the Giant Ice-Cream Sundaes! I will call Patti over the week end. Tentative plan now to move G. out to NV at end of September. My buddy in the moving biz, Dennis, may be able to provide a truck gratis to her, in return I would bring a load back east from out there.So, things are falling in place. I will get up here and check in on your posts once a week or so, the weather has been SO good, I have barely been indoors. BTW, I went, with Ginny & some other friends, to Tigers vs. KC Royals game Wednesday night July 26. Quite possibly the very worst Tiger defeat I have ever sat through. 22 TWENTY-TWO hits by KC. Final KC 16 Detroit 2. Mama mia!

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