This Post is NOT going to cover any aspects of my recent trip into Russian Siberia.

Yesterday, I did a Post-In-Progress.

At 11:54pm, Eastern Daylight Savings Time in the U.S., on Monday the 7th of August, I published an unfinished Post so that it would date as AUG 7, 17.

If you missed this partial, ongoing Post being written before-your-very-eyes, you missed nothing.

Then, at 3pm here in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (3am in the U.S. Eastern Time Zone) my computer lost its internet connection. With but a 1/2-hour of work remaining I was dead-in-the-water.

What to do? I desperately (and I mean desperately) wanted to finish the Post.

I left my apartment and took the bus to the Library downtown.

On Friday, July the 21st, I found the Ulaanbaatar Library for the first time in my over two years of being in and out of Ulaanbaatar. I wrote and I then published the below Post at the library. You don’t really have to look at it but, if you want to, below is a link to the Post.

Click onto the large letters. “What’s that Crocodile Dundee?” .. “Now THAT’s a link Captain!”


The reason I sought out the Ulaanbaatar Library, and it was a search believe me, was that this computer at Happy’s apartment was NOT connecting to the internet. I wanted to find an alternative solution to the periodic issues (that go back to July 2015 and forward) with Happy’s computer and its on-going problems connecting to the internet.

Problem solved. Now..


On Friday, July the 21st, after successfully writing and publishing the above Post, I decided right-then-and-there, that I would immediately establish a ‘presence’ at the Ulaanbaatar Library. I wanted them to know me and I decided to periodically visit the Library and use their computers whether or not I needed them. You get the idea.

Immediately was for me to go into the Library the following Monday afternoon the 24th of July.

I failed to mention (it was of no importance on Friday the 21st) that the Matron who supervises the five (three of which do not work) computers is a most imposing, stern, draconian, no-nonsense, elderly Mongolian lady whose distant ancestors rode with Chinggis Khan back in the late 1600’s.

Smiling in I walked around 4:25pm Monday the 24th.

“Hello Trouble!”

She pointed her finger at me and said..

“OUT! You did not pay for your time last session.”

Thanks God for having placed a young lady who spoke English and Mongolian sitting there quietly working away.

“Will you please tell the Matron that I did NOT know there was a charge for the computers. Tell her in the U.S. the Libraries do not charge for computer time usage. Ask her what the charge is and I will pay it right now this instant.”

She relayed my message.

“OUT! You did not pay for your time last session.”

I placed before the Matron a fan of bills from 100 T to 20,000 T.

“OUT! You did not pay for your time last session.”

My Godsend lady got the Matron calmed down.

The charge, at the Ulaanbaatar Library, for each single hour of computer time is..

Are you sitting down, I don’t want you to fall over laughing at the cost of US $0.04.

You read it correct. The hourly charge for computer time is US four (4) cents.

I am on the ladies ‘bad-person-list’ over US $0.12 for my three hours usage the 21st of July.

I handed her a 500 T bill (US $0.20). She refused. I laid it on her desk.

“Too late in the day for you to work.” she stated. I took that to mean that I was welcome to come back. Out I went.

Today I was desperate to get yesterday’s AUG 7th Post finished and published.

So out and off I went to the Library. I arrived at (set your watch) 4pm. No sign of the matron. The two working computers were in use. I went to the front desk and (don’t ask me how) I motioned to the staff that the Computer Matron was not in the computer room. Back I went. She soon appeared. She fussed and I fussed and neither of us could get any of the three non-functional computers to come-on-line. A young man (Thanks God) at the window computer smiled, got up, said in perfect English, I am finished please sit down and use this computer.

And THAT is how I got yesterday’s Post finished and published.

As I left (early) at 4:45pm the Matron motioned to me NO CHARGE. I gave her a 500 T (US $ 20 cents) bill for my 1/2-hour (US $ two cents). She pushed it back. I smiled and walked out leaving it with her, abashed but she was grinning.

WHEW !  Sports fans, I need that Matron and her computers in my corner.

And.. There you have..


Mister Paul Harvey, what a man, what a human being, may you be resting at peace. May God Bless Your Soul.


Thank You Oh God of Abraham for your support in my endeavors.

Your Captain.

In case you did not see it yesterday, please scroll down to see my AUG 7, 17 Post.


  1. patricia boone

    $.04, four cents, per hour for using the computer in the library. Amazing. Sounds like you have paid it forward now! Smiles and love. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Can you fathom this hourly cost? I can’t! No doubt I have paid it forward and will continue to do so. I really NEED this back-up computer venue. Love Cap

    1. cap chastain

      No I did not get this ‘vibe’ at all. She was serious when she said “You did not pay for your last visit.” I wonder IF she put the cash away or ?? Smiles. Cap

    1. cap chastain

      It certainly can be distracting can’t it? You save and save and save again so IF things fall apart you don’t lose too much data. More Smiles Atcha. Cap

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