Just to orient you in time, I visited The IVOLGINSKY DATSAN on Wednesday, the 2nd of August, as Saina, Deegi, Cindy and I were driving North from the Russia border to Ulan-Ude.

Here we go, once again, doing a ‘work around’.  Google Blogspot does not have software for me to utilize to upload their own Google maps onto their own website, Blogspot. So IF I want to show a map, I have to..

(1) Take a photo of a map and insert the photo into a Blogspot Post or..

(2) Do this ‘work around’. Insert a map(s) into a Post. Put reference link on Blogspot taking my reader back to the Post showing the map(s) I want to show on Blogspot.

I have published a Post on Blogspot. Below is the link.

BUT first  look over the maps here in this Post.

My Blogspot Post shows many photos of an attraction I visited on Wednesday, the 2nd of August known as The IVOLGINSKY DATSAN.

The entire purpose of this ‘work around’ is to allow me to show you, in the below maps, exactly where The IVOLGINSKY DATSAN is located relative to Ulan-Ude and Gusinoozyorsk.

We will now, map-by-map, methodically work our way down to the IVOLGINSKY DATSAN.

In the first map below, if you have been following this series of Posts, you all are familiar with Ulan-Ude (top red balloon), Gusinoozyorsk (center red balloon), and the border crossing between Mongolia and Russian Siberia (bottom red balloon).

Now we will ‘zoom in’ a tad closer.

In the map below, you can all see Ulan-Ude (top red balloon).

Now we go 23 km South of Ulan-Ude and we see The Village of IVOLGINSK (center red balloon).

Finally we see our old friend Gusinoozyorsk (bottom red balloon).

My life is just a tad richer knowing that there is a city on this earth named, Gusinoozyorsk, that I have visited it, eaten in it, and given a major open talk in it.

In the third map below, we will get up close and friendly with..

The Village of IVOLGINSK (right red balloon) and with The IVOLINSKY DATSAN (left red balloon).

Now we really ‘zoom in’ on The IVOLGINSKY DATSAN.

In this part of the world, India takes-the-cake, the same geographic feature / town / city /  village / restaurant / you-name-it, is often spelled several, or even numerous, different ways.

I call your attention to the following fact :

In the above Google map(s), you will see that The Village of IVOLGINSK is spelled without the letter ‘Y’.


I would have thought that the monastery in The Village of IVOLGINSK would be spelled using the name of the Village. It isn’t.

In the second photo below, a close-up photo of the upper left hand corner of the below orientation map, you will see the Buddhists spell the name of their monastery with the letter ‘Y’ at the end.

Below is a close-up photo of the extreme upper left hand corner of the above orientation map. I could not get the entire map into one photo and have any feature clearly visible.

Now here is the-kicker.

Wikipedia states that : The Ivolginsky Datsan is located in Verkhnyaya Ivolga Village!

Well I am having fun here and I hope you are also having fun with me.

Up to this instant-in-time, because we two did not have telephone contact, Patti has had no idea whatsoever about another major attraction that I visited in an already full schedule.

Still Smiling.


2 thoughts on “AUG 11, 17 .. FROM RUSSIAN WITH LOVE .. Supplemental PART VI .. IVOLGINSKY DATSAN

  1. patricia boone

    Love, love, love your maps … they really add so much to being able to relate to where you are … or have been! Smiles, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      The maps are so important aren’t they. What a gift for all of us that Andrej was able to incorporate the map software into the website here. Amazing Google does not, or is not willing to, have it. Love Cap

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