Do you want frustration?

Here is frustration!

I have been absolutely unable to sign into my own website here since last Tuesday. So I put up two Posts over on to do my best to keep those of you interested, kind-of, sort-of, informed and up-to-date knowing full well  that from few to no one was going to wander over to blogspot to see what Patti and I were doing.

Obviously I survived the long flight from Hong Kong to Seattle last Tuesday the 29th. Obviously Patti and I connected in Seattle and the two of us flew together from Seattle to Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota. Obviously Detroit Tiger Tom met us at the Minneapolis airport. We got to Motel ‘6’. We ate one of the best ever in my life Chinese dinners near our Motel ‘6’.

Yesterday Detroit Tiger Tom drove us to Rochester, Minnesota.

We then put Detroit Tiger Tom onto a flight to Chicago to Detroit.


You are THE MAN Tom.

Tomorrow, Friday the 1st of September looked like this.

8AM .. Urine sample.

8:30AM .. Blood work.

10:30AM .. CT Scan

2:00PM .. Meet with my Mayo Doctor to discuss the on-going situation with my left kidney.

This morning, Thursday the 31st of August, I told Patti..

“Tomorrow is an impossible day. I can not do all of the above in one day and live-to-tell-the-story. We are going to Mayo now.”

Patti dropped me off as I said, “My Dear One. You go on back to the motel. You will NOT possibly be able to keep-up-with me.”

Patti went back to our Super ‘8’.

I went into the main Mayo Medical Clinic Building, The Gonda Building.

“Ma’am where do I go and what do I do Ma’am.”

“Sir you go over there Sir.”

“Ma’am I am here to sign in. I am a day early.” I handed a lady my schedule and all of my 12-pages of paperwork.

“Ma’am. Is it possible for me to do some of this today?”

“Sir. Go to desk C in the next building, The Hilton Building.”

I did.

“Sir here is a specimen bottle. There is a restroom for you to drop urine.”

“Thank You Sir. Please be seated. We will call you when we can do your blood draw.”

“You are finished here Sir. Go to the Charlton Building to see about your CT Scan.”

“I am a day early. Can I get my CT Scan today.”

“Sir. Here is a pager. We will page you when we can take you Sir.”

Five. Five. Got it. In FIVE minutes my pager erupted.

“Follow the nurse.”

“Sir we are finished. We will send you CT Scan to your Doctor. See you tomorrow.”

I called Patti.

“My Dear One. I am 100% finished with all of my pre-appointment prep.”

I went home to Super ‘8’ and slept five (5) hours.


All I have to do tomorrow, Friday the 1st of September is..

Be at my Doctor’s Office at 2PM.

Still Smiling. The two of us.

Patti and Cap.

Do you want a down and dirty and fast Post? You just got it above.

6 thoughts on “AUG 31, 17 .. MAYO CLINIC.. ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA.. PART I

  1. Kitty

    Oh yes I wandered over to blogspot to look for the update, and glad it was there. Got my postcard from Mongolia today. Thank you. Keeping you in my prayers and lots of positive thoughts for you and Patti. Fondly, Kit

  2. zilla

    Friday, Sep 1, 201 – noon
    Hi Cap and Patti,
    Super nifty, that you got the first day testing out of the way! Here it is Friday and Claudia and I wish you all the best for your Dr apt today; and of course we have our fingers and toes crossed for your next step for testing and any further procedures that pop-up while you are at the Mayo Clinic!! Keep smiling – heaven above is smiling on you!

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