Constantly, beginning on Tuesday the 15th of August, when I visited my Mongolian doctor in Ulaanbaater, and I was diagnosed as having a tumor in my left kidney, both Patti and I have been living-with the great fear that this issue with my left kidney was going to become a major health problem for me.

When we got the good news from my doctor yesterday afternoon, we were both just numb with relief. Yes we were happy BUT numb more describes what we two felt. It did not even come close to feeling giddy and joyous and happy. Numb with relief. Stunned with relief. Unable to truly comprehend the good news. For one thing both of us were exhausted from just getting here.

Both of us KNEW, at the very least, that I would most certainly undergo a biopsy procedure to determine if the unknown mass in my left kidney was malignant. Both of us were stunned when we learned that this was not going to happen.

Now to the reality of this situation.

I am experiencing a 12-hour jet lag. This, in and of itself, is a difficult thing to slowly work through. It takes me a minimum of several weeks to even begin to get over the jet lag. Patti too is dead-on-her-feet from all of the stress getting all the details set up for my admission into the Mayo Clinic here, getting airline flights set up for her and for Tom who drove our GMC Suburban from Detroit to Minneapolis and needed to fly back to Detroit, getting motel rooms in Minneapolis and Rochester for us, getting packed etc et al.

By the way, Patti also scheduled my flight from Hong Kong to Minneapolis because we two wanted to meet in Seattle en route East. I was not able to do this in Hong Kong.

So we two are using all of our skills so as not explode!

Last night Patti had one of her nights-from-hell sleepwise. I on the other hand was up early with things to do. Finally I realized that I had to get out of our room so Patti could attempt to get some sleep.

It isn’t a pretty picture. It IS real life. Fatigue, exhaustion and overwhelming stress take their toll on any human being.

Our big picture.

I am NOT going to immediately return to Asia. I thought maybe I would but I am NOT going to do so.

Next Tuesday we plan to go North into upper Minnesota and East into Northern Wisconsin.



Then we will continue East into the upper peninsula of Michigan. We will end up in Detroit, Michigan and environs. We may, we may not, do some further travel. At some point we are going to then fly North back to Alaska. This travel will be slow and easy and relaxed. We have no time schedule whatsoever.

Then what?

I have no clue.

Sign us as Clueless..

Patti and Cap


  1. zilla

    Saturday, September 2, 2017 – 1:30 pm
    Hi Cap and Patti!
    What a journey, what a trip, what an experience! It’s something you may think about, but when a major experience happens, it knocks the air out of you; and then you two are going thru the great “unburdening” of the situation off your back! The added burden of flying from HK to Minn, say 9 to 10,000 miles, give or take a thousand, will definitely wear you out! I also give praise and thanks to Patti for her tremendous effort to make all the arrangements and the added stress of your potential problem – THANK YOU PATTI from Zilla!

    I know you like to drive and you had a nice tour before you left driving across the States, west and midwest states; maybe a suggestion you two take a similar tour in the reverse direction to the west coast as Patti might like the drive, slow and easy, good food along the way, etc, etc, etc! Anyway just a thought!

    In any event, great news!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      We have to return our truck to the Detroit area as he lives there. So driving West is not an option unless we were to drive out and then return. There is a lot to see in the East as autumn approaches. Thanks for your appreciation of all of Patti’s considerable efforts. I did NOT state that Patti made MY flight arrangements from Hong Kong back to Minneapolis because they had to mesh in Seattle. Smiles .. Patti and Cap

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