Gullible warning : This Post may stretch your credibililty. 

When I telephoned the Super ‘8’ Motel here in Iron Mountain, Michigan, from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, to ask for a ground floor room for Patti and myself, I spoke with a gentleman who answered the telephone..

He assured me he would do his best to get us a downstairs room and..

The gentleman went on to say that..

He would pray for our safe journey from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, to Iron Mountain, Michigan.

When I hung up the phone, I told Patti about what this kind gentleman had just told me..

Then I said to Patti..

“We will take all of the help we can get from all quarters.”

Patti and I arrived here at the Super ‘8’ in Iron Mountain last night. As the gentleman promised, we indeed were blessed with a ground floor room.

I went to bed (I crashed  is more like it).

Up at 4 o’clock in the o’dark o’clock this morning I could not get internet access in my room.

I came to the front desk area.

I got on-line and began to write a Post here on

Up comes the general manager. We have a little visit.

Had I been able to get on-line in my room, I would not have come to the front desk area, and I would NEVER have had the visit with the manager that I had because I would have been in my room writing a Post that I will now complete after I publish this Post.

You Believe. You Don’t Believe.

If you hedge-your-bet by saying..

I believe in GOD BUT.. and begin to qualify your statement about believing, then you are trying to live in the middle, uncommitted, ground.

There is no middle ground here. It is one. It is the other.

John Henry believes. I believe.

I recited to John Henry the prayer that GOD gave to me during a personal prayer and meditation session some years ago..

John Henry asked me to please send it to him.

Here it is John Henry. My Gift from GOD passed along to you..

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  

Thank You GOD

For Your Gift

To The World

Of  Your Son

Jesus Of Nazareth

Lord And Savior

He Is Risen

This I Believe

Help My Unbeliefs

Strengthen My Faith

GOD I Pray

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

Thank You Oh God Of Abraham for the gift of John Henry.


Your Little Captain..



The Dinkey Bird IS Singing In The Amfalula Tree.

Just a private little giggle between GOD and myself.

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