I think that all of you who follow along here with some regularity have heard me mention my great friend ‘Zilla.

Last Tuesday, the 19th of September, after feeling unstable for a few days, ‘Zilla was admitted to a hospital out in the Apple Valley, California, area with internal bleeding. Patti and I just heard this yesterday in the late afternoon. We texted ‘Zilla and he replied that yes he would like a phone call. We had a long chit-chat and basically he is facing a somewhat uncertain diagnosis as I write. He has been on blood thinners for a number of years dating back to year 2006 so the doctors have to stabilize him (get him off the blood thinners) before they can do further exploratory procedures.

So, if you will do so, please raise a prayer up that things work out for ‘Zilla.

Patti and I are thinking about taking a short day-trip today over to Traverse City and back.



Our latest travel plans can be viewed by clicking onto the TRAVEL button at the top of this page.

Smiles and Best Wishes ‘Zilla for a positive outcome to your medical challenge.

Patti and Cap

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