One of my ‘ pet peeves ‘ is this : Newspapers, and all other media, that do not (ever it seems) finish stories that they begin and stories that you are interested in and that you want to follow.

Drunken tour bus driver crosses median and kills family. Details given and then nothing more.. ever.

Famous athlete gets serious DUI. Details given and then nothing more.. ever.

I try not to do this.

So, in this vein, I am now going to finish the current MEDICAL STUFF (September 22, 23 & 27) Posts and updates that I have recently published here on

Yesterday, Thursday the 28th of September, Patti and I arose at 5:30 in the o’dark o’clock early morning and drove 40-minutes and about 25-miles to reach a medical, surgical facility located in Macomb County which is part of the upper East side of Detroit, Michigan.



It was literally an Act of God that we made this appointment.

Last Monday, the 25th, we were given this appointment for a colonoscopy and that it would be on Thursday the 28th at 12 o’clock high-noontime. Last Monday, after that doctor’s appointment, we drove to the surgical facility where it would be performed. We located it. We double re-confirmed that our scheduled appointment was on Thursday at 12 noon. We did not want any drama around this critical appointment.

Late this past Wednesday afternoon, almost by accident, I said to Patti.. “Why don’t you check our telephone answering message machine up in Anchorage?”

Patti did this, and, turning pale, said to me: “Your appointment time has been changed! You are due at the surgical facility at 7am tomorrow morning.”

Keeping this appointment was critical because my Mongolian medical team had given me the below news last August 16th:

  • I had a collapsed bowel. Suspecious of colonic segmental marked edematous wall thickening of proximal descending colon with pericolonic fat stranding. Adjacent left sided anterior and lateroconal interfascial retromesenteric plane thickening. Few outpouching like gas in this bowel level, probably diverticulosis could not be excluded.

My doctor’s next available appointment time was in mid November. He bent over backward to get me into his schedule only four days after we saw him last Monday. Missing this appointment (especially with me 70% complete with the preparatory procedures) was NOT an option.

We made it. I later found out that my doctor had told his medical team to move me up to his opening appointment on Thursday.

Results of my colonoscopy: I was given a clean and a clear bill of colon health ‘. We will again re-visit this issue in a few years.

I am NOT going to comment further about this, my latest, medical adventure that took me from Mongolia to Hong Kong to Seattle to Rochester, Minnesota, to Detroit, Michigan ( at some cost I will tell you ).

Zilla news.

The latest I have on ‘Zilla is a text dated 29 Sep 2017, 1315 hours:

Going in for another procedure in about an hour. Still internal bleeding. A liquid diet past 24 hours and boy am I hungry.

Now I am going to ‘ bury ‘ this Post under another Post I am calling .. SEP 29 (Part I of II).

Few will ever read this Post.

Smiling.. Still Smiling..

Keep checking our TRAVEL button.

Patti and Cap.

4 thoughts on “SEP 29, 17 .. MEDICAL STUFF

  1. Kitty

    Read, and all detail duly noted. Hope Zilla hangs in there, and his medical team gets him back on track. So relieved that your colon is in good order. Now go have fun!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Zilla remains on-the-knife-edge Kitty. In hindsight it has been much-ado-about-nothing BUT.. I had to check out the findings from the Mongolian CT Scan. All in all one fact does remain : My left kidney certainly seems to have some issues. This the Mongolian CT Scan did bring into the light of day. Smiles and Thanks.

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