I left my home in Royal Oak Michigan with Danny at about 4:30AM on a snowy and icy and weatherwise a very poor early morning on January 28th 2013 ..

I think that .. on this .. my 10th trip to India .. my challenge with the jet lag has been far more draining than it has ever been heretofore!  I feel it took me a full three (3) weeks to overcome the fatigue and lack of energy that just plagued me up until fairly recently.

Possibly just being able to really settle here in Pondicherry has been a big help in overcoming this jet lag.

NOW I MUST ASSURE YOU ALL that my issues with jet lag are decades old.  For some reason .. I seem to have always had issues with jet lag.  But this trip was far worse than I remember ever having experienced.  

In fact my always wanting to stop en route for a full week in Hong Kong have as much to do with jet lag issues as  my love for that magical city.

Make no mistake here .. do I feel absolutely 100% on top of my game?  No I do not .. but I can write this off to my age and the heat and the general stress of international travel.  

KNOWING this .. I am pacing myself very carefully .. here in India you simply can NOT be sleep walking around .. ones very life depends upon being as fully present as is possible.  

Losing the use of my sleep apnea C.P.A.P. machine is a bummer.. but it indeed is lost until I get back to the United States!  Patti and my medical supplier have figured out it is NOT a mere fuse that failed due to an overload.  My C.P.A.P. has NO Fuse!   No .. an entire electrical module must be totally replaced.   I am choosing NOT to have a new one mailed to me because the worry of another module failing would inhibit my further use of the C.P.A.P.

On the positive side of this .. I FEEL like I am sleeping satisfactorily.  

Well it is time to close here .. walk to my room .. relax a half an hour .. snack on some french bread and olive oil .. lie down for some moments .. and  then  walk to the shores of the Bay of Bengal here in Pondicherry and experience the ending of the day .. divine breezes blowing inland .. the crashing waves on the rocks .. and all the memories that build with this daily routine for me.  And for many other tourists..

So one month in .. it is over and out for now .. Joy .. Cap ..