As we closed yesterday’s Post, we mentioned that..

We are experiencing rain and some cool weather. Winter is approaching but we should have some beautiful Autumn Indian Summer days before we leave for Alaska on November the 2nd..

This afternoon we just spent a few hours on our back porch relaxing in the sun and viewing the trees as they are beginning to display their beautiful autumn colors.


For the past nine or so days, Patti has had an ever worsening croupy, raspy, persistent cough. We did not want to seek medical attention out on-the-road here in the U.S. nor especially in Canada. So Patti just accepted the discomfort more or less in stride and we made the best of it.

Yesterday Patti visited an Urgent Care, walk-in, Medical Clinic.

To sum it up, both her Doctor and X-Ray technician said, “Why have you waited so long to seek help?”

Beginning at 6pm last evening, she is now on a 5-day regimen of antibiotics and decongestants.

We both hope this regimen will kick-in and she will be back to normal soon.

Smiles ..

Patti and Cap

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