MAR 5, 13 .. ‘ZILLA ASKS .. PART I

Well ‘Zilla .. you asked ..


This question has a ‘classical’ answer ..


But I won’t ‘go there’ with you! Instead I will try to answer your question

Thanks! /s/ ‘Zilla ..
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Your question was simple .

“Cap? Why do you have two web sites?” ..

First let me give you their names .. each has a name and its own ‘personality’!

On August 16, 2011 .. my first and my original web site .. Baba Kaps Doxology .. came to life. I call this site .. Dot Net ..

On October 22, 2011, my second web site .. Bobba Caps Doxology .. ‘sprang into life’! I call this second web site .. Blogspot ..

Blogspot came to life for one simple reason ..

I could NOT post photographs as I wanted to post photographs on Dot Net . There were ‘technical’ reasons for this which have since been solved. But .. Dot Net’s photo issues were not solved for quite some time. During this time .. Blogspot really ‘took hold’ of its share of the market!

In Blogspot’s ‘humble opinion’ .. “I own your photo market Captain!”

So Blogspot was created solely to post photographs.

Dot Net began as a writing web site .. where I posted text writings that I call .. For What It’s Worth ..

I feel that the vast majority of my readers and followers PREFER to see photographs with a little text explaining the photos. Blogspot fulfills this preference.

On the other hand .. some readers and followers PREFER to read text posts where I go into some depth regarding discussions and topics I want to expound upon. Dot Net fulfills this preference.

This is why I have two web sites!
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On the surface this would make ‘some’ sense .. but not totally! The PHOTO LOVERS (the majority of my followers) do NOT want to plough through reams and reams of text writing!

At Dot Net I can just sit down for a little chit-chat knowing the photo lovers can just ‘tune it all out’ !

A N D .. Dot Net is now becoming capable of accepting photo posts.

Then last December 2012 Blogspot hit me with an ultimatum!

Pay us money! Your web site has exceeded its capacity!

S O I D I D !

I had no problem paying them three dollars a month.

B U T they said .. THAT IS NOT ENOUGH PAY US MORE! And would not tell me how much more money they wanted for how much more storage capacity.

So I sat S T U C K UNTIL YESTERDAY when I successfully posted new photos onto Blogspot ! And (see above!) today I again posted three new photos!

So right-this-instant it serves me well to have two options ..

Make sense or not .. that is the story!

Smiles .. Kap (Dot Net) .. Cap (Blogspot)

Thanks ‘zilla for your question !