I wonder how many of you follow the above title.

In January of 2008, a book written by a popular historian named Les Standiford was published.

Mr. Standiford’s book is titled : The Man Who Invented Christmas: How Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol Rescued His Career and Revived Our Holiday Spirits.

Patti and I just saw the movie here in Anchorage.

We really really liked the movie. Movie critics, being critical types, give the movie a mixed review.

We think that just maybe, you too will really really like it also.

About two weeks before Patti and I were about to leave Royal Oak, Michigan, and fly North to Alaska, on November the 2nd, 2017, Patti said to me, “Cap, what are those books up on top of your mother’s desk over there?”

I replied (as I literally leapt to my feet to go retrieve about six of them) .. “They are a set of seventeen books that comprise the complete works of Charles Dickens.”

Into Charles Dickens’ book ‘David Copperfield’ Patti dove! When she had finished this tome she dove into and finished his ‘Tale of Two Cities.’

As we two were about to leave Royal Oak, Patti asked me, “Cap? May I take a few of the books back to Alaska with me?”

I said words to the effect of, “No. I don’t want the set broken up. So we will take the entire 17 volume set of books back to Alaska with us.”

The morning of our flight, this past November the 2nd, 2017, as our departure time to leave to drive out to the Detroit Metropolitan Airport neared, we drove to the Berkley, Michigan, Post Office and mailed the 17 volumes in a flat rate box up here to Alaska.

For What It’s Worth .. That’s our news for today.


Patti and Cap

As a result of our seeing the movie today, we are now going to read Dickens’ book, ‘A Christmas Carol’ to each other.

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